Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Talent Show

Today T tried out for the talent show at her school. She is going to be singing a song from High School Musical. I think the song is called You and Me, but I could be wrong. She rehearsed for days ...and then had a sore throat today! I was shocked when she went to school this a.m.!! Somehow she managed to hit all the notes and she got chosen. Not bad for a sixth grader!!
This will be her 4th year performing in the show and she has done exceptionally well. I remember when she was in the 1st grade and sang "Maybe" from Annie. She was so scared that she just sang it perfectly in the sweetest voice. I'm not sure if she was even breathing!! I was so proud of her!! You could have heard a pin drop! I think everyone was so shocked that she got up on the stage in front of so many people at age 6!! She has a great singing voice and like most every other kid in America, wants to go on American Idol oneday!! I won't be surprised if she does because she loves to sing . She sings all the time and usually has her Zune plugged into one ear if she is breathing! I can not think of a time when she has been shy on a stage. I am glad that she has this confidence and I seriously don't know where she gets it from!! She had to do a reading at her school for Thanksgiving this past year and I was amazed that she wrote her own speech ,and said it without notes in front of 500 people at the Thanksgiving program. The speech was very heartfelt and very "academy award" as I told you before, she is a drama queen!! She never ceases to amaze me with her talents. I would have never done that as a child!! I did put her in a little night class at the local school for an acting class a few years back . She enjoyed it so much. I would really like to take her to a few auditions for plays(mainly musicals) because I think she would be good at this..she is a natural. With her schedule though, it has not happened yet. Maybe this summer when we have more time! When there is a musical at the Fox or close to home, I always try to get tickets because she always gets all of the Cd's, DVD's, etc. and learns all the words, etc...I am so lucky that her school supports the musical side of her education. They provide such a great program for their students. They are required to learn a different instrument each year(i.e. recorder, guitar, etc.) She also plays the Alto Saxophone and the flute very well in the band at school. I think that she has an ear for music . I have never played an instrument, so there is obviously a talent hidden somewhere in the gene pool. I think it might have skipped my generation!
Other than that, my day was pretty uneventful, well we were under a tornado watch for a few hours this a.m., so I just went in the basement and did a little reading. It has been so long since I have read..totally unlike me because I usually read a book or two a week. I love to read and find it very relaxing, even if my book of choice is usually a James Patterson book. His books are full of suspense... and he is one author that keeps me interested long enough to finish the book. He always writes good books, and I am never disappointed. He even writes children's books now and T has a few. I think she feels grown up when she has a book by the same author as her mom. She always saves her money for Christmas, birthdays, etc. to get me a book...I just wish I could twitch my nose and do all the housework, unpacking, etc. so that I could have more time to read. I miss it and have gotten three books behind..totally not me. I usually read his books in a day and am anxiously awaiting the next! Well, until tomorrow...this is really hard trying to find something interesting to write about each day, but I think it is a good thing for me..I had no idea that I could do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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