Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday's blog..

It is cold today and very windy! Last week was really busy, so not much time to blog. We had contractors in for new carpet in the basement, painting, and I even got someone in to empty the closets and carry the heavy things up into the attic. I have lots more to do today, but after spending most of the day at Home Depot, it probably won't get done today!! I lost the nuts and bolts to the table that goes into the basement, so I spent hours at Home Depot trying to find the correct fittings so I could put the table back together! So, that is probably the only thing I am going to do!!
I also plan to make French Onion Soup tonight, if I can get time to go grocery shopping!
Over the weekend, we went out to lunch in Acworth and walked into a lot of shops, and it was very relaxing for a change. I got some neat ideas of what I could do to decorate the guest room upstairs. We are having guests in two weeks for a few days, so I need to do something to spruce it up in there.
Well, hope all of you in blog land had a great weekend! I will try to do better with my blogging soon!!