Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Poem

Today I was reading this poem that T had written for class.
It was in her book bag and I thought it was very good, so I wanted to share:

I am a loving girl that loves puppies.
I wonder if I will live to be 100.
I hear the leaves rustling.
I see an old oak tree from many years ago.
I want to feel what I felt when I was 6.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

I pretend I am a bird soaring in the sky.
I feel the wind hurrying past me.
I touch the old oak tree.
I worry that I may never come back to touch the tree again.
I cry when the tree limbs sag.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

I understand that the tree is old.
I say that I am sad that I must leave.
I dream of the day I will see the old oak again.
I try to stay positive.
I hope that some day my dreams will become a reality.
I am a loving girl that loves puppies.

Written by: Taylor Dane Piatt

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Bus!

T started school this week and rode the bus for the first time on Monday. I have always drove her to school, so I think that this was more of an adjustment for me, rather than her. She was so excited to get to ride the bus. I explained to her what a pain riding the bus was but to my surprise, she loved it. She also told me there was no need for me to walk her to the bus stop on the first day. Her best friends showed up at the door to walk with her. I guess it gives her independence and makes her feel older.Mom is no longer cool!! I did get a good laugh today though. Today she decided to wear her platform sandals with her jeans(another grown up tactic) that I tried to explain to her this would make her feet hurt later, but as usual, she knew best. I even suggested that she take her sneakers for back up..she did not listen!! As I sat on the front porch watching her lug her enormous bookbag to the bus stop wearing heels, I had to laugh. As she clunked down the sidewalk, I realized that she is determined to do as she wants and to prove me wrong!! So, I will be sitting on the porch this afternoon waiting to hear how bad her feet hurt after walking in those heels all day. Knowing her, she will never admit it. I guess my daughter is growing up and I am the one who needs to learn the lesson....and now, I actually have the day to myself...I am free. I guess somewhere in the midst of this, I have created a child with a strong, determined, and independent personality. Maybe that is a good thing in itself...While I want her to be that way, it is hard to let go and realize that she is growing up way to fast!!! Where do the years go???? I also see what a pain I was for my mom!!! It is funny how life goes around!!