Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tonight as I was trying to get on my blog, I found out that my child had gone onto my homepage and changed my password, and started herself a blog!! It took me over an hour to figure out how to sign her account out, and re-enter my account. None of my passwords would work!! How nice of her to do this just as she was away for the night for a sleepover!! And to boot,I did not give her permission to have a blog, so I think she will feel some heat tomorrow when she returns home!! I decided to get my own revenge, so I ate her rice krispie treats that she was saving for her snack tomorrow...that is pretty pathetic, huh? But that was all I could think of at the moment. Of course, I changed her password on her blog too. I know you all are thinking what a nice mom T has...thank you for that~~ I have had this problem with her once before as she blocked my favorite channel on the tv cable box and changed the parent block password. I was so mad!! I had to call Comcast to get into the channel. All of this was because I erased a recording of Hannah Montana!!! And the funniest thing she did today...she put a Build a Bear workshop dog screen saver on my husband's laptop. He was on a business call when he got home and the screen kept barking!!! How professional, huh? Of course, my husband is smarter than me on the computer issues, so he figured out really fast how to shut the barking dog up!! I spared her from getting into trouble with him because I did not tell him what she did to my blog, so I will just hold that over her head for a few days!! Have a great day!!