Thursday, April 10, 2008


The week is ending, and I still have tons of things to do before T goes back to school!! Today I have a handyman here to do some work around the house, and t and I have lots of errands to run. I will miss her next week when she goes back to school. Sure, it will be quieter, but I won't have anyone to eat lunch with, or have coffee with..but, it is only a month and she will be out for the summer!! I am sure that I will be ready for school to start again after a few months. She is growing up so fast. I looked at her today and could hardly believe the young woman that she is becoming..mood swings, back talking and all. It is so amazing how fast kids grow up, so I plan to enjoy being her mom, and hopefully, I can have a lot of good memories of her childhood!! I am very proud of my child, but there are days when she tries my last nerve, and then there are times when things when she broke her tooth today, that I realize how young and innocent she really is, and that she still needs me. It is a nice feeling, although, those dentist bills are getting really high! She is always breaking her tooth because she eats hard candy when she has bonding from a fall at school that knocked out her two Permanent teeth when she was in the 3rd grade!! The dentist refuses to crown her front teeth because of her age, and also because she still has baby teeth all around the front teeth that needs to fall out first! So, as long as they make sugar daddies and ice breakers, I guess I will continue to be a regular at the dentist office! My daughter is so headstrong. I tell her things to prevent accidents like that, but she always has to try it out to see if I am telling her the right thing, or just being overprotective~~ this is not good!! Oh well, I guess I could let her walk around looking like a vampiress for a few days...that might teach her a lesson!!! Oh well, I must get started on my errands..have a good day!!

Crazy Thursday!!

Today has been stressful. The phone has been ringing off the hook, T broke her tooth, I have to get the taxes done today, and a delivery man is an hour late!!! The birds are screaming and Bear is howling at the jets flying over my house!! I need peace and quiet to concentrate on what I need to do..which are vouchers for the past year that I have put off due to lack of time!! I think I will get in the bathtub and lock the door!!!! Ha, at least I can dream of doing that, right???!!! I have been on a diet this week, so that is maybe the contributing factor to my irritablility!! Maybe I should just get a box of chocolates so I don't chew some one's head off!!! I wish, but I am determined to get this weight off before the summer!! The other thing I am irritable about is that my husband always puts off things until the last minute(taxes), so I am always scurrying around to get things done before the deadlines!! I don't even have to file, so why am I doing this?? I expressed that to him, and got silence, so he may be warned of my is not PMS this time!! HA!!! He knows that I will take care of things for him, and that is the problem. Oh well, I feel better now that I have vented, so I will move on!!! i am sure that most women can relate to this story, right??
So, I called today and got a consultation for my tooth extraction. It is insane that you have to make two trips to get a tooth pulled..and not to mention pay for both trips!! What a disaster!! That will be three trips to the dentist when it should be only one appointment! I am looking forward to getting the tooth out,so that I don't have to cringe every time I drink something cold or hot!! That is worth the trips in the long run!
Until tomorrow, Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our trip to the dentist!

We went for our check ups today at the dentist. T had to get a filling in a baby tooth, and I ended up getting a referral to an oral surgeon to have a tooth removed. Normally, the dentist would have done the extraction in his office, but the tooth's roots were so impacted, he was afraid to try it! I have had TMJ for months, and even though the tooth was in good shape, the roots were on the nerves in my jaw! I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get it removed soon. The dentist was amazed that I had not experienced more pain??? I only felt pain once in the last month, so I wasn't sure if it was the tooth, or some other issue from my TBI. Since my accident almost 8 years ago, I have had strange nerve tinglings, so I don't really feel pain like most people would..why I think that is a good thing, my dentist was a little concerned. He tried to give me pain meds and was a little freaked out when I refused the meds. I tried to explain to him that I have weird things going on with my face nerves...he told me he had not seen anyone with a tooth that badly impacted that wasn't climbing the walls in pain! So, I guess he thought I was a freak!! Too funny! I think they should write a book for dentists, doctors, etc. to explain TBI so that people would not have to go into so much detail about the effects that the injury has on people!! Oh well, I can't wait to see what the oral surgeon does when he sees the impacted tooth!! I will once again have to go into the spill!! I am thankful that Congress is finally getting informed about TBI and how it's effects are never ending! It is such a mysterious thing, and most doctors are baffled, and as a patient with TBI, most people just suffer because it gets too complicated to keep enduring their stupid remarks and their misdiagnosis. I was one of the lucky ones that had a doctor that was trained to look for symptoms, etc. I was sent to a very good brain injury clinic, so I learned to live with my injury. I was also lucky that I got help. But even then, it is life altering because you are a different just look the same. Your old personality is a thing of the think differently, react differently, and also have to retrain your mind, somewhat like a child learning to read, etc. You are never the same. I feel for the soldiers that experience this injury and also is somewhat the same, and as I was misdiagnosed with PTSD also..I still have to carry books of medical records with test results to doctor's appointments so that they can see what my results are without having to do an MRI and those stupid personality wonder people just give up and don't get treatment!! I am glad that maybe the bill will pass so that they can get the help they need, and everyone else. It is so hard on the family, not to mention what it does to a person's confidence and self esteem when they are misdiagnosed!! They sometimes never get it, and this leads to all kinds of problems, suicide, alcoholism, etc. I just pray that someone comes to the cause and makes a difference!! I could write a book!!
Other than that, the pollen count is so high here!! It is so beautiful outside, but when you stay out for a few minutes, you can't breathe!! At least we washed off the deck, so it has been somewhat bearable today!! I still don't have my flowers in the ground!! Hopefully, I can on Friday!! Even Bear is sneezing!! At least I have had a little time to spend with T this week. I have enjoyed having her at home!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Honey, In case you want to know what to get me for Mother's Day!!! See attached!!

Dear Honey,
I know you know what a great mom I am, so if you want to honor me on Mother's Day, I have found the perfect gift!! See is only a 2006..what a bargain!!!!XOXO, your loving wife, D

Tuesday's News

Today was a beautiful day! The pollen is terrible here and bees are buzzing everywhere. T and I went for a walk thru the neighborhood and also walked the golf course. It was a beautiful walk as everything is in bloom, and the azalea's and tulips surrounded the course. It has been awhile since I have walked two miles, but amazingly, I made it just fine. I used the blower on the deck to get rid of the pollen, but it didn't help much, so I took Bear in, of course, I used the blower on him before I took him in the garage!! Surprisingly, he loved the direct air after the initial scare of the noise! T and I also went to the Y today and got some info about their summer programs for her. She wants to do softball and most of the local leagues are full, so I thought I would check it out. We also found a skateboard park there. I think she will enjoy it alot, and maybe I can take in a few classes of water aerobics. My doctor has been telling me to sign up for years, so I think he will be pleased! I don't know that I will enjoy it that much, but if it will help the pain in my leg, I will try it. I am not one for pain pills, so I am up for anything that will be of a natural effect.
Tomorrow, we both have dentist appointments..yuck! The week is going by so quickly. We have not had our Spring shopping spree yet, but hopefully, we will find a way to get some time closer to the weekend!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


The rain has finally stopped, but it is still overcast today. We are going out to the store to get some things to help with a moisture problem we are having in the basement. We have found that drain from the gutters is pouring rain into our basement, so we are off to find a black tube to settle the issue once and for all!! Other than that, I hope to get some flowers today while the ground is wet so that I won't have to dig so much!! Hopefully, I will get to some gardening today, but I won't hold my breath!
T informed me last night that she wants an electric scooter for her birthday! What ever happened to the bike that most kids want??? I guess we are in an age of laziness!! HA!! Or maybe I am just jealous that I actually had to pedal instead of cruising on my bike...ha!! Oh well, I am in need of a sale on scooters, so it is off to the Internet I go to do some comparison shopping. I still have a few months, so if I start now, maybe I can find a deal!! Have a great day!