Friday, February 8, 2008

Nice Weather and Hannah Montana!!

It is 60 degrees here today and I am sitting on my front porch watching the kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes. My daughter is there on her bike with her "Hannah Montana" wig on, and all is well with the world! It is a comical site to see, as she is very comfortable in her wig and her bike helmet. It looks rather strange to me, but hey, I am just a mom, right? The neighborhood kids are begging for a chance to try the wig on, but my daughter refuses to let anyone take her wig..she tells them that "her parents don't allow them to try it on because
they may have bugs in their heads!" Hey, now that is an original! Finally, I see that my years of trying to teach her about lice have paid off...ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids do sometimes listen, huh? Now that is a new concept!! We had a huge disagreement last weekend when she took her a portion of her savings and paid 18.00 for a Hannah Montana wig at Clare's. She did have her own money, but my point was that she could have had so much more. I figured that the wig would end up in her closet in a tangled mess, but so far, she has proven me wrong. She is treating the wig like she does her favorite stuffed animal..she is actually taking care of it. I have never been one to control her gift money, but I have tried to teach her to be responsible with her money. I have taught her to save half of it and then she is allowed to spend the rest if it is something that she has to have...I guess the wig was something that she had to have! Who am I to say? It is all about priorities, and right now at this stage in her life, Hannah is the priority. Last year it was High School Musical, this year it is Hannah..I wonder what Disney has in store for next year! Maybe I should videotape her in that that would be a funny show!!!!!!!!! Whoops, bad mommy!! Have a great day! too bad I can't find the all would be howling about now!!!

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GaNNy said...

Wow (T) Riding bike with her Friends. How cute & above all the Hannah Montana Wig, oooooo she sure deserves an Oscar or a Grammy. I M amazed at the Childs craze for Hannah Montana. She's a Sharp litte Kid who want's to make it Big & Huge in Life. And she willllllllllllllll.

But all this has sudddenly Reminded of my Childhood days of Cycling. I was the Big Bad Rash Cyclist in the area. My Mom used to sit just like you in the Gallery & watch me riding. But the only difference used to that she used to be Tensed, Worried & on Fire the whole time.

One moment she never used to be away from the Gallery. She always used to tell me, be in the Lane & don't drive Fast. And I always used to say without looking in her face, Yes I Will be.

Then I used to get out of the House & then once on the Road I used to take 2 Rounds like a Touring Gentleman. The third Round used to be in some other part of the Area, at Fast & Furious speeds.

We were a group of 3, man Radical Rash Cycling. Cut thru the Traffic on the V.I.P Road or take the Internal Park Road, we were always Havoc.

Not that I never got hurt by doin all this. I got hurt several times. But all that happened, when I was on a slow pace. I then learnt that being Slow is not for me.

And when the Session used to be over it used to be like back Home & Mom used to be waiting with a Mouthful for me.

The Result ulitmately, Mom Gave Up her sayings & Niether I nor my Cycling came to the Gentleman pace.

We were always Bad & Badder, we still Hold the Record of completing one Round of Shivaji Park on the Cycle, in an exact time of 1 Minute & 2 Seconds, during evening Traffic & people walking around.

Man those were the days, all Carefree. But now yes I am different & more Crazier. Now I M crazy for Tech. Just like (D), man we consider ourselves the Mafia of the Web.

Thrills & Spills of Technology excites us both. Whoaaa. Days change & time flies.