Monday, February 4, 2008

Cleaning the house and eating good food!!!

I have found a great cleaning product to use to get just about anything clean. It is called Bam. I love this product as we have used it to clean many things. I like the degreaser kind because it is the best product on the market. There is no scrubbing, just spray it on and it goes to work! I use it to clean everything!! It does a great job on the shower and it is amazing on stains, etc. I even clean the deck furniture and it does great! D uses it on everything, and won't use anything else. If you need something cleaned well, try it out.
Also, as some of you know, I love homemade bread. My sister-in-law sells Tastefully Simple..if you like good beer bread, then please try this..also delicious with fruit juice, coke, etc. I also like to put a can of creamed corn in the mix instead of a beverage. It is delicious cornbread. The website is online and it has alot of good stuff. I love the apple cake, almond pound cake and my favorite is the potato cheddar soup. Check it out if you want a simple meal that is very good!!!! My family likes just about everything we have tried, which is pretty much all of it!!
Just wanted to pass the info..

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