Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Gert!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Gert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you have a great day! Love you!!

It's All About Finishing!!!

This is a picture of T wearing her Cross Country medal at the banquet at her school..
I think running is one of the best ways to teach a child about discipline, competition, and teamwork. Not to mention, a valuable lesson about what it takes to win in life! It is not always about winning, it is always about finishing the race! Determination is the key here. My child is not a speed demon, but she never gives up, and she always finishes the race, even if she is the last person at the finish line. Who cares? We all just cheer louder!! I am always proud of her,and I am there to cheer her on. The Cross Country team at her school has won State for the past three years! Her coach, Kathleen is the best coach I have encountered in many years. She has a certain way of encouraging each runner to give their best..some are not the greatest runners, but she never lets them know means more to her that they finish and are part of the team. It's the attitude that they bring to the team that counts to her. She does not allow put downs, so each member of the team respects the other and this is something that you don't usually see in other schools. The team wins and loses as a team! Every child is special in her eyes! She is always there at the meets making sure that each runner finishes. When the last runner comes towards the finish line, the whole team runs out to escort them in to the finish line. It is a sight to behold and it always brings tears to every one's eyes when the last runner comes in to finish the race. The crowd roars, and the coach starts to cry...she cries and cries..ha! We all tease her, but she is such a inspiration to us all. She not only loves her runners, but she has taught them what it means to truly win, it is all about teamwork!! And it is all about the finish, the accomplishment..not the winning of the race! The lesson is a great one as it teaches a child about being held in respect as a team member and it also shows them that every accomplishment is important..quitters are losers, if you finish what you start, you are rewarded always. Whether it is a big trophy, or a certificate, or a kind word, it is all a part of a valuable lesson in accomplishment. My T has gained so much confidence from running. She always tries out for what she is interested in. She may not be the best at what she chooses, but she is usually the one that gives her all. I am proud of her that she doesn't give up when the going gets tough, she just gets going. She has learned to be passionate about so many things in her 11 years, and I am always amazed that she keeps going the distance. This year she wants to try soccer. I think that might be her game. She can kick like a mule!! She has the holes in her walls to prove it! I don't worry about her because I know she will not quit, she will always make it to the finish line, even if she doesn't win! That is all that matters to me! She never quits!!


These are my bird's..Paulie and Gumdrop! The third picture is Bogie, our conure. Bogie was our first bird, and he died in 2003. Paulie is an Amazon Parrot, and Gumdrop is a patigonia. Paulie loves to talk and has developed an awesome vocabulary in the few years that we have had her..some words are not so nice since she has learned to mimic me,and she sometimes has potty mouth! Her favorite mimic is A**@*&%, which she calls out when my husband enters the room!! Gumdrop can only say a few things, such as "step up", "owwwwweeee", and "what you doing"..but we love him just the same!! He usually says 'Owwwweeeeeeee' after he bites you, how cute??? And he says"what you doing" when Bear comes into the laundry room? Maybe he thinks Bear is going to eat him for dinner..afterall, chicken is Bear's favorite food!! The funniest thing with the birds is when I put a chicken in the rotessiere to cook..both birds are silent and watch the bird going round and round! I usually use this technique when I am in need of some peace and quiet time!! It works everytime, and we always have a quiet dinner!!

Bear, Bear!

It has finally stopped raining !!Bear can go outside! I still have not found my camera, but I have amazed myself and managed to add a picture to my blog!! I thought I would let the world see my Bear Bear! This is a really cute picture that T took of Bear. He has a big Lab head, and a Shepperd's coloring, so he is unique and very handsome! I promise I will add some photo's of T next, maybe even add one of her recital video's!
I am feeling better today, although I have decided to stay inside until my cough is gone! I think the extra sleep did some good, but I am still tired and weak. Maybe that will go away with the cough soon.. I am waiting on the sun to come out today!
Enjoy the MP3...on the top right!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

FRIDAY, Finally!!!! Caution, Whine!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that today is Friday!!! I feel so bad today. I had to get up and take T to school at 7, and this flu thing is really getting to me!! To T's credit, she got herself up and got dressed without my help today. I was so dizzy when I managed to get up off the bed, and then the room started spinning! Not good! I pulled a sweatshirt over my PJ's and pulled my hair up in a ponytail and got into the car..freezing and sick, looking as if I was knocking on death's door!! I got half way out of the driveway and began coughing and my head felt like someone had taken a hammer to it! I said a prayer that T would be on time to her meeting so that I would not have to go into the school in my Pj's and slippers! I have often threatened her with this scenerio when she fails to get up on time! Today, it was not a threat, but I could have cared less if anyone saw me in my Pj's! I just felt that bad! She actually made it one of her thankfuls that no person would see me looking so hideious..After our three for the day, she was very sweet and said that she would have been glad to stay home with me..ha! How thoughtful of her???? I guess I should have asked D to take her in, but I did not want to burden him and make him late for work! Not a good move. I guess as a mother we all get used to operating in robot mode!! When T asked for my three thankfuls, I looked at her as if I could chew her head off, and she sweetly said.."never mind mommy, I can see that you are not in a thankful mood today!!", you think??? I then begin to laugh, which made me cough even more! Somehow, I did manage to tell her my three thankfuls..1.that I had her to wake me up, 2. that the doctor gave me codenie, and 3.that the car had a great heater that I ran full blast to and from the school, even though T looked as if she needed an a/c when she got to school, she never complained!
It has been pouring rain here for two days and that made the trip to school even harder to take today. I made it home ok, but now I am wet and cold, and I feel even worse!! My fever has spiked to 102...I often wonder how my poor mother ever managed to get four kids to school on time! Mother's should get a medal for the things they do..I used to think that a career was a challenge, but now I see that motherhood is the most important job in the world and it is certainly harder than any career that I have had in my past! Somehow we manage to do it all, even if we are not conscious at all times during the process! Now that I am safe and back at home, I am going back to bed until 3, and I hope that the three alarm clocks go off as set so that I am not late in picking the princess up!! Maybe I will actually put clothes on since I have to go into the carpool line!! After all, I would not want to embarass my child! I guess now I understand what sucking it up really means! HA!! No spell check today, so bear with me!! I didn't have the energy!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was asked to add the reading level of my blog to a posting, so check this out

The Blog Readability Test -- What level of education is required to understand your blog?


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TV Reviews

:TV'>">TV Reviews says you have to be a genius to read my blog??? HA! This is a joke, obviously!!! I know a middle schooler can understand my writing abilities, as I have proof with T!! HA!!!!! Anyways, I saw that on Good Company's website and decided to give it a try!! She should get a laugh out of it when she reads the critics!!

Today I went to the doctor and I have the flu with a sinus infection! Unreal. I just went in for my blood pressure meds and asked that they check my sinus condition, as I have had allergies this week! I knew I was feeling a little bad, but had no idea it was the flu!! Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in and I can recover really fast! I hate being sick and I also cannot afford to be sick because I have to take care of T!! Other than that, it is raining here and not a nice day. I am going to get my meds and after I pick T up, I am going to bed to see if that will help, and also to keep me from spreading the joy to T and D. I guess I will miss Bunco! I was really looking forward to going out tomorrow night and playing and having fun!! This sux!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday is Hump Day!

Today T went back to school. I have a lot of errands to run, and a doctor's appointment today! Other than that, I have laundry to do as I have put it off to spend my days with T. She was excited about going to school today, unusual for her! I was glad to have a few minutes to myself to drink my coffee in peace!
I got an invitation to play Bunco with a group of ladies from the church school on Friday night. I am looking forward to the outlet and hope that I get to go. I haven't had a night out since T was really small. I could use some adult conversation with a group of ladies that share the same hobbies. The game sounds fun, although I have no knowledge of how to play! I am sure that I can learn though, as I have a competitive side, at least I used too? Most of my adult friends live out of the area, so it will be nice to make new friends, and to have someone to do things with once and awhile!
Other than that, I am going out to search for a new table for the patio today. I have not yet decided what kind of table I would like to have, but I know it won't be a glass top again! I do not want a repeat of yesterday! I have two decks out back, so I need to do something before it gets warm so that I can enjoy being outside once I get the flowers planted. I like sitting outside and watching the birds, squirrels, and having a little quiet time! Especially when the weather is nice! It has been cold and windy here for the last couple of days. The temperature gauge says 59, but the wind is cold! It is supposed to be in the 60's today, so we will see!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, 2/19/08

Today was an ok day. T and I got up early and went to BJ's to get a few things we needed for the house. Afterwards, she had a friend over for the afternoon. They had a great time and I took them to Bruster's for ice cream. While her guest was here, the wind blew over the patio table and it's top shattered into a million pieces, so I spent most of the afternoon removing the glass from the, fun! It was really windy today! A lot of small planes were blown from the run ways, so I guess I should be thankful that the damage was only a patio table!! Bear was on the deck when the table was shattered, but thankfully, he did not get hurt. In retaliation for my leaving him there to be blown away, he chewed up his bed and blanket!! So, he spent the entire night on his chain in the garage, he is not a happy camper!! I guess I should have been a little more understanding of his traumatic event, but since I had just gotten the bed for him, I was not very happy with him!! Now, he looks away when I speak to him..what a brat dog!! Maybe a few nights on the cold concrete will teach him a lesson!!! I paid almost 30.00 for the bed, so it was not a small thing that he ruined it!! Not to mention, this is the 2nd one since Christmas that he has ruined!! The first bed was ruined because he had a problem when I left him at home with D for a night and day. He doesn't do well when he is left without t and I around..he won't eat, etc. until we return, and the last trip we made overnight, he destroyed his bed that he got for Christmas! I have yet to discover a remedy for this behavior. I treat him like one of my children, so I know that this is not the problem. He gets tons of attention and treats everyday, so this behavior is neurotic and senseless!! Total dog brat, spoiled rotten!! I love him so much that I cannot bring myself to disipline him. He looks at me with those sad eyes and I can't be mean! When T got the info that he was being punished, she got her Bible and read to him. He just sat still and listened. I guess she was doing her duty as a Christian to let her dog know that the bad things he did does have consequences! What a riot! She told him she was starting a club for him..somewhat similar to her school club called CDFJ(Christian Dogs For Jesus)..her's is called Christian Athletes For Christ? Where does this kid get her imagination??? After the little meeting, she gave him a treat and then he took a nap. I guess that maybe she can be the next dog whisperer?? Who knows, but she does have a way with her animals..even though I am the one to feed and care for them..go figure?? Maybe I should start a club for her called "Be Responsible for Your Own Damn Pets"!! I will have to run that one by her in the am..throw it in the conversation with our 3 thankfuls!! ? HA!! I will have to leave out the damn because then I will have to put a quarter in the curse jar..I cannot win with this child! Have a great day!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day!!

Today was a good day. I got to spend the holiday with my daughter and husband. We did not do much, just ran errands and enjoyed the day. It was a little windy today, but at least it was not raining!! We got a lot of rain last night! Our brook, creek or whatever you like to call it, is full now and is bubbling again! We missed the tornadoes and the wind damage, thank goodness for that!! I checked out Linda Q's book meme and it was nice to see her response to the challenge! Other than that, not much to write about today. I hope all of you got a day off work to do something relaxing! My sister made me a delicious pound cake for my birthday, so I am eating a piece twice a day..oh well, there goes my diet, but I think once a year it is nice to sprugle on something I enjoy, even if my pants will be too tight in a few weeks! It is worth it! I have a box of Medifast in the closet, so I guess I will drink up for a month before my next physical...yummy!! I can hardly contain my excitement, just thinking about the powder mix makes me hurl!! Oh well, at least it works for me in a crunch!! Have a good day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today has been a day of rest! We had family and a friend over for dinner last night, so we slept in today. We went out for brunch, and then had carry out for dinner. We watched a couple of movies, one was really cute..Martian Child, which I found to be a real tear jerker at times..the other was a new movie called King of California, which bored me, so I fell asleep. D loved it as he saw the humor in it, so do I for a short while, but the plot was not enough to keep me awake! Other than that, it started storming here this afternoon around 3pm, but my area missed the really bad storm! So, I managed to get some much needed rest today..