Thursday, October 9, 2008

News from T's day!

Today was a "first" dance at T's school. She didn't seem to be nervous, but excited, as she was going to hang out with all her friends. I asked if she was going to dance with a boy, and she said no, gross...oh, the joy I felt when I heard that!! HA!! I don't think I am ready for the "relationship" horrors yet, but I do have information from the best friend that she has two boyfriends..ha! Hopefully, it will stay that way for awhile!! With two, I can rest assured that she will be too busy to think of only one, and that her little heart will remain in tact for at least another year!! I tried to remember what I was like at that age, but it is hard to do at my age. She has had boyfriends since kindergarten, so I expect that I should just be thankful that she is a normal kid and that she is growing up healthy and happy!!
Other news, my step daughter got a ring from her boyfriend last week. She is in college and has a few years left, so she says they are not rushing it. Hopefully, she will make the right choices and he will be the one for her. I have not met him yet, but received an email and a picture of him and the ring. Those modern day ways of communication are a changing!! Oh well, at least she told us!! Have a great day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool! Fall is here!!

It is 58 degrees today and T is getting ready for school. I had to take her to the doctor on Saturday, as she was coughing and stuffy. She got antibiotics, so she is some better today. She is still coughing, but wanted to go to school, so I let her.
The weekend was quiet, as we have been sick for weeks, so we stayed in and ordered food out, and only left the house to go to the grocery store and the doctor. Pretty boring, huh? I am anxious to go to the mountains for the fall to see the leaves and pick some apples. I am hoping we are all well soon, so we can make the trip. Have a great day!