Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday's Post!

I finally got my gardening done yesterday. D took off work and we hired a guy to help with the digging. I could have never finished without them!! We had to replace soil, etc. Everything looks beautiful!! I am somewhat relieved and still want to get some potted plants out on the deck. I was so tired and sore today. I guess I am getting a little too old to do all the bending and kneeling it takes to do the gardening!!! I got a full workout!! I did sleep in today, so that was nice. It was a beautiful day today. T played outside with the neighborhood kids. We went and got her a baseball glove, but have to return it because she got a right hand glove, and she needs a left hand glove to play!! We also got her a baseball because she wants to play on a league this year.
My grandmother is not doing well..please pray for her!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T's Dream Car

Tonight I was looking thru some files and found this drawing that T did yesterday!! She is obsessed with VW bugs, lime green with black interior to be exact!! I told her that I did not think this car was a good choice because of it's size, and I also thought that it would not be a safe choice for her when she is older. Her answer to that was that she was already saving her money to buy the car..and that she only has 5 more years to go!! I am praying that the driver's license requirements change the legal age for driving to 21!!! Or with her lead foot, maybe 40??? I was thinking that I would have a few more years of control, but I guess I was wrong!!! I told her if she gets a car, she will have to get a job and buy it!! So, her comment to me was that she would put me in the nursing home and take my my horror, I think she was serious!! HA!!! Not that I have any cash, but still a very mean comment!! So, I decided to show her that I still have control over her life for a little longer and I told her she would never get an allowance from me again..that she would have to go to her dad now!! I wonder if she will put him in the nursing home too?? Just as I thought I had gotten one over on her, the phone rang and her nanny (my mom) called to ask about her grades so she could put some money into her savings account for the A's?? So, I guess she wins again!!! Oh, that mouth!! Nobody ever warned me about pre teen girls!! Did my mom have to deal with that too??? I don't think I was that evil!!

The tooth issue!!

I took T back to the dentist yesterday and once again had her tooth bonded!! I hope this will last until summer!! I am going to take her back and see if the dentist can crown the front teeth. She is not interested in getting it done, but I am so tired of having to take her to the dentist every couple of months for a bond!! She managed to spend her cat sitting money on new Hannah Montana earrings, and a new perfume!! The earrings are huge hoops and not something that I approve of(maybe that is why she put them on after she got in the back of the van before school today?? Does she think I am blind???), but I am sure that she will lose them by the weekend, or the teacher will expel her for wearing them, so I will bite my tongue for now!! The perfume is not so bad..I only sneezed about four times on the way to school. And the guy at the dry cleaner's probably thought I was in a whore house before I came to get my husband's shirts..oh well, at least the van doesn't smell like dog anymore!! That is a positive thing!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today is tax day, and also would have been my grandmother's birthday. She died in 2002. It was a very cold start to the day today, but slowly warmed up to the low 60's. I have had a lot going on today. I had to drive around to get some medical records for my attorney, and then I went grocery shopping, and ended up having to go back to the store for things that I forgot. I usually have a list, but thought I could pull it off since I was so close to the store!! Wrong! I had a few other errands, and then had to pick T up from school! Where does the day go??? I need to do some cleaning, so hopefully, I can get to that tomorrow.
T and D painted the inside of the garage doors last weekend, so I am hoping to get the outside done this week. I have a handyman coming over on Thursday..that is, if he shows up!! It is so hard to find people to do odd jobs here!! I still have not gotten to the gardening yet. It rained over last weekend, and then it has been too cold so far this week. Oh well, maybe next week!!
I watched an interesting story on Nightline last night about Hershel Walker..a wonderful football player..or he was. He apparently has a book out about his multiple personality disorder. He apparently has had the disorder for years and the show had his ex wife and other people talking about the issue..very enlightening. While it was apparent that the disorder did not affect his football career, the horror of what he went through in his personal life was unreal!! He said he could not remember anything from his previous years, winning his trophies, etc. I think I might get the book, as I found it interesting and would like to see what his coaches thought of his coming out about such a controversial topic...for UGA fans, it might be a good read!!
Other than that, my life has consisted of doing the taxes, working on our house, and gathering evidence for my attorney to settle my WC case..wish me luck as I have been thru a living hell for 8 years and need to relax!! Have a great week!!!!!!