Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of school year!! Hooray!!

Friday is awards day at T's school, and then, the year is over!! Hooray!! We are all feeling some better, although the cough is lingering, so is the stuffy nose. I am feeling stronger though. This is the second time this year that I have had this sickness, and hope that it won't come back again. I don't know if it is drought related, but that is what my doctor has mentioned. It has been so dry here and now the rains are abundant, so he seems to think that is the problem. Everyone that I know has had this, so maybe it has finally ran it's course!! I sure hope so!! This is a serious bug that lasts for several weeks and really makes you feel bad!! Tired, sore throat, cough, congestion, and chest tightness..yuck!
Over Memorial Day, we went over to my sister's house for a pool party and a cookout. It was fun, and my cousin that has been MIA for 20 years came over on Monday. It was good to see him and we enjoyed seeing him and his son. Other than that, we just cleaned the house and did a few things here..nothing exciting this year..we were just too sick.
I am looking forward to the end of T's school year! I hope we get some travels in this summer, and we plan to do a few things locally also. And the best part, we can sleep in!!! That is the best part!! T's grades were also good..high B's and one A, so I can't complain there!! Sixth grade is hard, and I can't wait for next year and all the stuff that comes with a seventh grader!!! FUN!!! Later!!