Thursday, February 7, 2008

50 Things About Me

50 things about me:
1. I was born in a small rural town in GA.
2. I have a sister and two brothers, all are older than me!
3. I love animals and currently have 1 dog and 2 birds.
4. I am opinionated and stubborn (I have been told?), and I fight for anything that I believe in.
5. My favorite foods are mac and cheese, fried soft shell crabs, red velvet cake, pasta(of any kind), peanut butter and banana sandwiches , utz crab chips, tootsie rolls, salads(of any kind), butterbeans, banana pudding, corned beef, steamed cabbage with squash and zuchinni.
6. My favorite drink is coffee..any flavor at anytime of the day!
7. I have two favorite colors: purple and green.
8. I like to read.
9. I like old cars..but my dream car is an Aston Martin, or a BMW X5.(.probably won't have either one in this lifetime, but hey, I can dream)!
10. I don't like loud or rude people, or people w/o manners, or drunks.
11. I don't like liars or fake people.
12. I like to fish.
13. I have personally met 3 US Presidents.
14. I like to watch hockey and baseball.
15. I did exactly what I wanted to do/be as a Investigator.
16. I am a good public speaker, but shy around people I don't know.
17. I believe in God and pray every day.
18. I brag on my child !
19. I hate diets and usually eat what I want, even if it is bad for me because I know I will only live once and I want to experience everything!!
20. I bite my nails.
21. I love shoes and probably have 100 pairs or more, but wear only a third of them...(sick/compulsive behavior)!!
22. My favorite designer is Ralph Lauren (if I could afford it, I would do my whole house in his things, but I can't so it is off to Walmart I go!!!!!!).
23. I color my hair and it has been over 50 colors in my lifetime..because it makes me happy and I don't care who knows!
24. I talk to my mom every day, sometimes more.
25. I still miss my dad..he died in 2002.
26. I like to sing in the shower.
27. I like to dance with my daughter and shake my butt like those big bootie black women on tv!
28. I eat cocca krispies with coke on top instead of milk..(not usually around people though)!
29. I like action movies.
30. I brush my teeth four times a day because I hate bad breath.
31. I have been robbed two times..
32. I like bubble baths.
33. I know how to shoot a gun, pistol,rifle, and have shot a machine gun three times(for pleasure and I loved it).
34. When I was little I had a doll named "John the Baptist".
35. I don't talk to people that I can't look in the eye.
36. I am not a jealous person, but I will pop a cap in your ass if you flirt with my man!
37. The smell of raw meat makes me hurl!
38. I hate complainers and negative people! Life is just to short!
39. I am afraid of snakes and spiders.
40. I stay up late so that I can watch the news.
41. I am a terrible cook.
42. I like cheese, but hate milk.
43. I like to draw and won 3rd place in a contest in 3rd grade!(is that really worth mentioning?)
44. I don't like to swim, but I love the water!
45. I like to watch boxing and used to do kick boxing for exercise.
46. I look silly when I run!
47. I like to write short stories and poems that rhyme.
48. I pick up strays of any kind ..
49. I am a loyal friend and still keep in touch with my childhood friends.
50. I am a deep thinker..I don't usually do things on impulse unless I'm buying shoes !!


April said...

I talk to my mother everyday too! Imagine that! Tell her I said hello when you talk to her!!!

Dana said...

I will do that! I have been looking for you this week..I am so happy with the news about Terry!! have a good weekend!