Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday's Post

It has been raining here all day!! I slept most of the afternoon. I started watching a movie, but never got past the first 30 minutes! We are taking care of our neighbor's cat, so we had to go over and check on it, play with her and feed her. The cat is a rescue, so it is really loving and fun. T promised the neighbor she would take care of her while they were gone for a few days. We had take out Italian food tonight for dinner. So, the day was just so so..nothing exciting! The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, so I am hoping to get some flowers and do some gardening this week. I have a few things planned for T's spring break. I think it will be nice just to sleep in !!! Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday News!

Today is a rainy day, overcast, and miserable!! We are staying at home today to wait on the Terminex guy to do our treatment on our house. After cleaning the garage last weekend and finally getting it in order, we had to move everything to the middle of the floor!! So much for organization, huh? D is coming home early to move the rest, so I guess I will let him put it all back!! At least the heavy stuff!! We have a moisture problem, so I guess we will be trying to find a solution over the the termites will stay away!!
I am sitting here listening to T play her flute!! I am not used to noise this early in the am, so I am trying to tune it out! HA!! She does a good job, but I like the saxophone better.(she also plays the alto sax) It is going to be a long day!! We might have to do a little retail therapy before the day is done!! T needs new clothes for the Spring! She has outgrown all of her clothes from last year. They are all to short!!
Well, have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lib!!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lib!! My Aunt Lib's birthday is Saturday, so I am wishing her a great birthday!!! She is a great lady and a very good aunt. I am sorry that I could not post a picture of her, but the server was down..maybe later!! I hope she has a good day and that she has many more birthdays!!! All of us love her dearly!!! So, happy, happy birthday to you!!!!!!! Eat lots of cake and ice cream!!!!

Spring Break!!

T got out of school today for Spring break. It will be so nice to sleep in for a week and not have to pack lunches, etc. We have a few things planned to do, so hopefully, we will get to do a few things. Maybe I can get a few things done too!
Today was busy..I had a lot of errands to run, and then had the pest control people in, and also the maid. It is nice to have a clean house!! Not that it was that bad, but the floors needed mopping, and since I have a broken thumb, it is kind of hard to mop!! The swifter is great, but the hardwoods need more than that!! It was also cool here today. We had a lot of wind and they are calling for thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Fun, fun!!! I don't know how they still are saying that we have a drought!! It has rained for weeks and the water levels are up finally!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

7th Heaven

I just finished reading James Patterson's 7th Heaven, and as usual, it was an exciting ending. I find it hard to put his books down once I begin reading the first chapter, I am hooked until the end!! I am caught up on his books now, so I guess I will have to wait a few weeks for the next book to come out!! He has actually made a tv series of the Women's Murder club books, and even though I have taped most of them, I have yet to watch them! Since most of the programs are on tv on Friday nights, it is not easy to sit down and watch with the family. And as usual, T has taped so many Hannah Montana shows, that most of my "quiet time" shows have been removed from the cable recorder!!! I tried to watch another show that I enjoy last night, and once I got interested in the show, it was interrupted because another recording of Hannah had canceled it out!!! I was livid!! So today, I have decided to block Hannah Montana on the cable box!! I think it is time that someone else gets to see something in this house!! The other show is on channel 52 at 9 during the week. It is about a lady in Florida that does autopsies on people that die from strange and unknown causes. It is really good. Last week, a young women died from chicken pox..unknown to them. She began breaking out in a rash after a guy kissed her and cut her lip..weird. I enjoy forensics, so this is a great show. It is not gory, and does not show all the gross dissecting of a human being, so it is safe to watch for all of you with weak stomachs! Anyways, it should be an entertaining afternoon when T finds her idol erased!! I think it is pay back for her since she once used the parental code to lock me from the show that I most enjoy for two days. I had to call the cable company to get the code to release the channel. I think I will go ahead and set the code before she gets to it...MEAN MOMMY!!! A life without Hannah Montana on the tube...I can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today is another beautiful day! T and I overslept today, but she made it to school on time. No tardies this year!! The pollen is terrible this month ,and already wrecking havoc on our sinuses. The rain has helped, but the deck is still covered in a yellow mist! Even Bear is sneezing!! I heard there was a shortage of bumble bees this year, but that is not true for my yard..they are abundant! Thank goodness they don't sting, etc. I am allergic to bees!! It is so nice to look out and see the woods becoming green again!! I love Spring! I still have to get flowers to put on the deck and in my yard, so I am hoping that we have a nice weekend, without rain, so that I can get busy making things look alive again!!
I read a very disturbing article today. It seems three elementary students in south Georgia decided to bring weapons to school to attack their teacher..a third grade teacher!! A student alerted the principal, so they managed to stop the attack!! ! What is the world coming too, when kids are going to be subjected to violence in third grade!!!?? I just don't know how the school system is going to survive when kids are beginning to act like criminals in elementary school!!! It seems that there is no solution that works anymore. Can you imagine what these kids are going to be like as adults? They defy authority and use violence to get their elementary school??!!! What is going on here? When the situation was addressed on tv today, it was merely a blip!! It seems that the democrat's fight for the White House was more important than what is happening to our kids in elementary school. It might be an isolated thing, but everytime you turn on the tv, kids are killing kids, so I guess the solution is to stop watching the news..will that make it go away???
For those of you who watch Larry King, it was pretty interesting last night. Jesse Ventura was there and was urging Americans to write "none of the above" on November's was a comical debate. I think he was very conviencing..considering our choices today in this race. I wonder what would happen if everyone in the US did that on election day..maybe that would send a message to Washington??? Can't we all just get along????HA!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day!!

Happy April Fool's Day!! Sorry, I am fresh out of jokes today!!! It is my friend Susan's birthday...what a day to be born on, huh?? Not to mention, she got married on Halloween, and had her son on Father's Day!! Unreal! Can you imagine the anniversary gifts??HA!!!! I did try to call her this am, but as usual, I got her machine, so I left a message..I told her I was calling to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that I was pregnant...that should have my phone ringing in a few minutes!!! HA!! I would try that on my husband, but he has a bad heart, so I would not want that to be the cause of his death!! Not to mention, he would probably wonder who the father was...ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I swear, I would have to have a hard drive to get his attention these days!!!
Other news, T has cooled her jets about the new dog becasue today is Bear's birthday! She got him up this morning and gave him a pastry. She also let him ride in back of the van on her trip to school. Of course, now he thinks he is king of the castle and thinks he can roam the house with all his toys!! Not a bad idea since we are expecting thunderstorms today!! At least he will be well behaved since I am close to him..he won't chew the wood door or scratch up the back door if he is inside and can see me!! Besides, he just likes to sleep in the den, and he is 6 today..that is, in human years!!! I think that is fine since he was almost given away to the highest bidder yesterday by T so that she could get a little rat dog!!
I can't believe that the school year is almost over!! A month away, and summer vacation begins!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

What to do with my dog Bear??

This weekend we visited a pet store to get fish food and T fell in love with a Maltese dog. She went as far as to say that it was time to find a new home for Bear. I was in shock, but realized that she was maybe only looking out for me..Bear is so big, and I am having a hard time managing him on a lease. I am so sure that he is miserable in our new home. He has no place to run, and Labs need that. I do walk him, but he has gotten too big for me to control. He is like my child, so the thought of trading him in has been so distressing for me. I have to give him to someone that I can trust, and someone who I know will be good for Michael Vick, etc., so I guess I am on the hunt for a new owner for him. I am going to call my mom and brother. Both live out in the country, and have room for him to roam. And, at least I will be able to see him!! and if that doesn't work out, then I am going to protest to keep him. He is so lovable and kind and has been a good friend to me. I am surprised that T has been so agreeable to finding him a new home!! D will be overjoyed, or at least he pretends to despise the dog, but he does like him, just not the damage that he has caused to our porch, etc. When it is bad weather, Bear gets very scared and he will take out whatever is between him and our family, the wooden door, the deck, etc. I have taken up for Bear and fought hard to keep him here with me, but since he broke my finger, it is getting impossible to fight the battle. I am afraid that he will pull T down and hurt her, etc. So, if anyone has ever had to do something so drastic with their beloved pet, please respond and let me know what to do??? And, if any of you out there are looking for a lovable lab/shep mix, please let me know!!