Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today is gorgeous..supposed to be in the 70's! I am loving it, although I am sure that I will spend most of the day in line waiting to cast my vote in the Super Tuesday primary. I have no idea who I am going to vote for in this primary. I vote conservative, but I am not thrilled with any of the candidates.I am a Bush fan, although I may be the only one left at this time. I believe that he is a good President and I have voted for him both times. It is true that our economy has gotten to a low point, but I believe that it was bound to happen because of the war and 9/11. I do believe that we were right in fighting the war because if we had not, our country would end up in a very bad place. Terrorism is real and why it is often downplayed in the media and the conservatives are often blamed for trying to get a grip on things and for all the financial crisis, the leader before Bush did very little to manage the problem. I can remember working in DC for the gov't and having furloughs. Of course, I was one of the unlucky"essential' employees, so I never got furloughed, we just had to work for nothing while the burecrats got the budget under control..I think this is where the blame should be...the bleeding heart liberals. They are the ones who give our money to programs that do not need it..for example, President Clinton actually cut the Bureau's terrorism fund around 1994-95. And then to boot, he had Bin Laden and refused to go and get him..he was told what this would lead too...he had reports from Intelligence! After the first attack on the World Trade Center, we were warned that they would come back..only stronger! For a president that had only been in office for less than a year when one of he largest attacks on America happened, I think President Bush has remained focused and done whatever it has taken to keep us safe..regardless of the popularity. He has been unconcerned with the popularity issue..as well he should. Who wants a popular leader? I would rather have someone that could make decisions based on what the military is telling him ..the ones that are really getting the real story??He has taken enough flack..it is time to give it to the real culprits..the liberals. They want to pull troops and end the war, well if that is done, we will be giving up our freedom because they(the terrorist) will come here and when they do, who is going to protect you?? Hillary? I doubt it. Do you really want a repeat of Bill Clinton? I.e. I did not have sex with that woman??Hello...not to mention, what happened to Vince Foster????It doesn't take a brain scientist to figure out that these two lie their way out of anything!! Oprah says Obama is for change, but he has no experience in changing anything. He has only been in the senate for a short period of time..can somebody tell me how this qualifies him to be a President to lead our country in one of the most critical fights that we will ever face??? McCain is an older man, but at least he has the experience to do what needs to be done. He does have military ties..The other two might fly on the conservative side, but do they have what it takes to handle the real tough stuff??To be honest, I think they should make a change in the Constitution to keep our current president in because I don't think we have another candidate that is electable at this point. If we do, then I must be watching the wrong debates! I have seen nothing promising on any debate, just riff raft amongst them and empty promises. To boot, which ones are taking on the real issues? At this point, I think that maybe I should just vote for Ron Paul..he is a nut, but at least he spouts facts (mostly distorted, but none the less)and brings up more than just character issues, and faulting people for their religion..who cares about religion in this fight? Look at Obama's upbringing?? None of these candidates have it all...I want someone who can handle it all..can you please tell me which one of these can handle it all???? I don't want the liberals to take over, so I will vote conservative, but which candidate should I vote for...if I voted for looks, Romney will be the man...but as mama says, "looks aren't everything", so now I am back to square one!!! And Huckabee has only had a little say in the debates, so I am unclear on what it is he plans to do, although, he does seem to have some convictions? Maybe he's the man?I guess today will be a game of any minnie mighty moe.....I will hold my breath for the results..let's just hope that we don't have four years of "I didn't have sex with that woman"..where will this leave our children on the moral issues??? And their safety??Hello, why don't you just invite Bin laden to dinner and let your children try to convience him not to blow them up????Wake up!!!

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Christine said...

I love Romney - I think he is only real chance at winning the election - as a Republican that is. I don't trust McCain, and I think he will lose by a land slide. Just my thoughts.