Monday, May 4, 2009

Phantom of the Opera Performance

Tonight is my daughter's concert at school. The chrous will be performing Phantom of the Opera. I can hardly wait, as it is always good to see the chrous and be entertained. Their director is so amazing and the kids are very talented.
We have rain today and it is going to be nasty most of the week. We had storms over the weekend and some pretty strong winds, and tornado warnings, although, it never got that bad at our house. I hope the rain stops before tonight. It is never good when a 12 year old has to wear a long black chorus dress in the rain!
The weekend was somewhat boring, as Dane was sick with a stomach virus, and it rained most of the weekend on and off. I did manage to cook on Sunday. I made a very good Macaroni and Cheese dish from a recipe off of the Food Network channel. It was exceptionally good, and I will be happy to share if anyone is interested. My family loved it, and there wasn't any leftovers. I am becoming a cook...the Food Network channel is great! It is much easier than listening to my spouse tell me how to cook!! It prevents a lot of fights in the kitchen. I hate it when he stands over me and tells me "how" to cook. He is a natural, but I am just finding my way to cook a few things, as I hate to cook. When it is raining outside on a weekend though, it gives me something to do with Taylor. She is like her mom and hates to cook, and laundry is out of the question for her too. I can make her do laundry once and awhile, but she is far more interested in her Ipod and her friends at this stage.
Well, I am off to run some much needed errands, so I will post another day when I have more time. Have a great day!!