Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma Smith!!

Next Monday is my Grandma's 98th birthday!! Happy Birthday, Grandma! I am planning to go down this weekend to spend sometime with her. I have so many great memories of times with my Grandma. She is so special to me and I am so lucky at age 43 to have her around to share with my daughter! I am hoping to see her on Willard Scott's jelly jar in two years, as we used to kid her about that!! I met him at a Christmas party some years ago, and told him to be on the lookout for her. She is very fragile now, but still strong-willed, so I have no doubt that she will make it there, and then some!
It is overcast here today and we are expecting rain, so I guess this is a good time to get some housework done. The Christmas decorating is done, however, I don't have a tree yet! T has not decided on a tree yet, and it is not for lack of looking, as she has been in several stores, but as usual, she insists on the perfect tree. I have made it clear that there is no such thing, but she still insists that she will find the perfect one, and she will know it when she sees it!! I think she is a little OCD, possibly inheriting that trait from her father, of course!!
An update on hubby...he is working from home until his hands heal, so I guess I will be staying up late to get "me" time in. It is working out ok, however, I don't get too much done here, but the whining has gotten better. That could possibly be that this is the "PMS" week, and I have had a few head spins, so all is quiet on the home front today!! And will possibly be until this week passes. I have eaten a ton of chocolate though, as he has picked up several bars from the grocery store this week!! I think he has the mindset that this will be the solution to the mood swings, and he just might be on to something, at least when my mouth is full of gooey bliss, I am quite for a few minutes.
I have to start shopping for Christmas. T's list gets longer each year and is much more expensive as she grows up. This year she has asked for a "flying V" black electric guitar, a 19" flat screen..1080 P LCD tv, and a list of Vera Bradley purses with all the accessories, and a long list of Virgina Tech items. I made the decision to tell her about Santa this year, although she still pretends at age 12 that she still believes. Of course, we all know that she is just negotiating for that list. Last night I made it clear that she is only entitled to one large item, hoping that the electric guitar would go away because of the noise, but it did not work, she dropped the tv, and said that her dad would put the den tv(52 inch big screen) in her room!! I was at a loss for words as I could not imagine how this tv would fit into her decor, or the room for that matter! Why is it that this kid knows exactly how to push my buttons??? Well, I promised we would go Thur her list tonight and do a mark out of all the things that she could live without. That should be productive, right? She did add some cheap items..nickel nips and giant pixie sticks..ha. I guess those will be the non-essential items that get the pen ax.
I have yet to buy any gifts this year, which is strange for me as I have always been a shopper that does it all in November! Oh well, there is always December 24th!! Happy Holidays!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's Blog!

It is very cold here today and rainy. I was a little disappointed that we did not get any snow today, as was T as she really wanted another day out of school!! It was a really nice Thanksgiving break, and we had a wonderful time at my sister's. I have started decorating for the Christmas holiday, but do not have my tree yet. I wanted to get an artificial tree, but my daughter will not stand for that, so we are back to another miserable allergy time for me over the holidays!!
Dane is still working from home as his hand is broken, and his fingers on the other hand. Taylor is enjoying calling him "Grace", as she is normally the clumsy one, but I think he outdid her this time. The whining is some better, although it has not ceased yet. Men are such babies sometimes!! I keep telling him that I had 78 stitches after my C-section, and was up the same whining, so this is really not a big deal!!
I was saddened by the report of the man that died at Walmart in NY. How sad that some people value material things more than human life!! I can not imagine, and the situation reminds me of a time when a lady had a really bad accident in MD during rush hour traffic. People were blowing horns and yelling obscenities as traffic was backed up and she lay out on the highway waiting for an ambulance to come and take her to a hospital!! One has to really stop and think about the world and the people that live here..are they really that insensitive to human life???
Until tomorrow...