Saturday, March 1, 2008

March, Already???

Wow, times flies! It seems like it was just February 1st! Today is Zoe's birthday party, and on top of that, we need to run errands too! It is a beautiful day..already 60 degrees at 11:45am! The forecast is calling for really bad weather, possibly tornadoes on Monday and Tuesday, and then snow on Wednesday, back into the 60's on next Thursday, and they wonder why people are sick?? The weather is crazy!!
Other than that, not much to report, except T informed me that she likes a different boy this week. HA!! I am not allowed to tell his name though, but he is really cute, so I guess it is ok until she finds another interest in a few weeks! Too funny! It is scary that the hormones are kicking in these days!! My T is growing up!

Friday, February 29, 2008

How to hurt your husband's pride!!!!!!!!!!

I came across this picture today, and remembered the funny story that went along with it, so I thought I would share..
A few years back, my husband took my daughter and I on a fishing trip for the weekend at a lake a few hours from our home. It was Mother's Day weekend, so it was a nice treat for us to be able to relax. We lived in Maryland on the water for years, so Georgia is really no comparison to the bay when it comes to fishing, but we thought we would give it a try. We had been to this particular lake a few times before and he had always been the only one to catch a lot of fish..I was never lucky and had been told that I had no fishing skills. I knew this was not true because I had been raised to fish by my family, so I took it in stride, and did my best to rise to the occasion and prove his comments wrong.
We went fishing for most of the first night and caught nothing. The next day, T and I were ready to go! But, he wanted to make sure that we did not leave empty handed, so we went out once more on the boat and fished most of the day...No fish. When we were headed back into the marina, I felt a tug at one of my lines, so I slowly reeled in a really nice fish. T grabbed the camera and took several shots of the fish and began bragging about my fishing abilities to her dad..granted he is supposedly the better fisherman, so I guess he was a little annoyed at this point. So, in order to destroy evidence of my better fishing skills, he intentionally cut the line and the fish sank back into the lake!!! I was furious! The boat ride into the marina was silent...and to this day, he swears that I never caught a fish on the trip!! So, what do you think..nice proof, huh??? Thank God, my daughter inherited some of my investigative skills!! She is also a great photographer!!!! And obviously very good at proving her dad wrong!! Now, that is a great fishing story!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

MRI and other stuff.....

It was very cold here today, although the sun is shining and it is warming up to at least 50 today, so the weather man says, but I am beginning to doubt his prediction!!
I had to have an MRI done this am, and it was an awful experience! I became so claustrophobic that the technician had to stop the machine three times to let me embarrassing!!! I believe that my sinus problem probably played a role in my hyperventilating!! HA! I thought I was going to stop breathing a few times and it was not fun!! I finally managed to get out of there two hours later..and I was so glad to get the film, so now, I hope that I don't have to go back in for another one for a long time!!! I haven't had an MRI since my car accident, and since I had a head injury, I was unconscious the first time, so I did not have to worry about the feeling of being in a coffin!! I know that there are open MRI's, but they are all the same to me. When you are in any enclosed machine, it is an awful feeling, especially with all the knocking that goes on..if not for the knocking noises, one might be able to fall asleep and miss the bad experience. I am sure that the technician will tell my doctor what a wuss I was today, so I guess I should prepare myself for the big tease!!HA!! There are few things in life that I fear..snakes, spiders, and now MRI machines! HA!!
Other than that not so nice experience, today has been pretty normal. I have been working on some letters for my daughter's school fundraiser. This is unusual for her school since it is private, and it is a first, but they are building on to the structure and are trying to update the gym with new equipment. This is a much needed fundraiser because they don't even have bleachers for the games there. The school went from 10 kids to 300 in a few years, so the gym has been neglected to the point of having to depend on other schools for games, etc. So, some of you will be receiving donation cards from my T. Please help if you can, if not, we understand. Any amount is appreciated as they are starting with 200 given from a stranger, and that is it so far. Also, the donation is tax deductible..that helps! The fund will also help with a scholarship program for needy families who might experience a hardship from a disaster such as accidents, etc. So, it is a good thing. I believe that her school is awesome and I know my child has benefited from everything, from the caring teachers, to the opportunities that are available to her there. I was hoping that they would add a few grades, but it stops at eighth grade, so I will be sad when she goes to high school at a different school. Don't get me wrong, the high school that most of the students from her school go to after 8th grade is really a great school. I would consider the public schools, but after hearing some of the horror stories on the news, and from other parents, I don't think it would be worth it for me to have to worry about her safety, etc. She is going to school to learn, not to be made to walk thru metal detectors, subjected to barbed wire fences surrounding the school like a prison, and told that she cannot be a proud American because she is forbidden to pledge the American flag! Are we not in America anymore?? You have to wonder sometimes! Why is it that in our country, we have to worry about offending people from other countries? If they are not on board with our freedoms, then they should leave here and go back home! When I grew up, the people who were offended by our country's pledge, or our prayer were allowed to sit thru the morning ritual...what ever happened to that??? I just think this is so out there, and no one seems to care!! Maybe we all should home school, or put our kids in a school that is not govt controlled..there has to be another way!! I could not believe my eyes when I drove past the Middle school last week and saw police arresting 3 middle school aged kids for selling drugs ..middle school??? Is it really that bad?? I think that maybe they are subconsciously raising criminals because of the way they treat kids these days. We were allowed freedom when we were kids, and if we did something wrong, we were punished. In today's society, I don't know if it is a parent problem, or the message that is being sent by the way the kids are being treated, but somewhere something is terribly wrong. I know that everyone has to go out in the world, but why put your child in harm's way? You do want them to grow up, get educated, and live their life, but with the horrible school systems, that is sometimes a dream. Don't get me wrong, private schools are not cheap, but there are so many other alternatives out there, a person has options, I just can't see the school systems changing anytime soon, It seems to get worse every time the TV comes on. I think as parents, we all need to pay attention and try to find a solution to this problem. I think kids should feel safe at their school, not dodging drug dealers and gun wielding nuts that shoot at them for no reason!! Schools should not have to have fences around them, metal detectors, or teachers that molest them!! Maybe what needs to happen is for everyone to take their kids out and home school, re train the minds and the behavior and start fresh...maybe put the prayer and the pledge back into the system..somewhere the values and morals are getting lost in the system!! Kids today are not what they were when we grew up..some are good, but so many are ending up on the short end of the stick..why are we as a nation failing to see this?? I am sick of seeing fighting on school buses, school shootings and kids killing kids because they are on serious mind altering drugs...this is not normal!! We are failing as parents if we allow this to go on..I just want my child to grow up normal without all the violence. I teach her to protect herself, etc., but when she has to fear going to school, or riding the bus, I have to draw the line and find another way to ensure that she gets what she needs!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It snowed here this am!!! Yesterday, it was in the 60's and today snow??? No accumulation, but the wind is blowing and the forecast is saying it will be in the 20's tonight!! I was so hoping for a warm up, but I guess I will have to wait a few more days?!
Other than that, today I went to a local farm and purchased fresh eggs and milk that had not been altered, etc. It was really neat to find that kind of place so close to the city! It was very peaceful with all the animals and made me want to move to a simple place, away from the rat race!! I can't wait to take T there, as she loves animals and would enjoy seeing the farm with all the cows, horses, pigs and chickens. There was also a few cats playing in the yard, which would be hard to leave for T. She loves animals and has been begging for a horse and a pig! HA! That would be a little hard to get past the Homeowners Association here..can you imagine, pigs and a horse on a golf course?? HA! We would be forced to sell our house and move. Can you say Beverly Hillbillies???
The trip to the farm reminded me of when I was a kid and went to both of my grandpa's farms. My papa's always had pigs and cows and chickens galore. I was always afraid of chickens, so I think it is ironic that I have birds now. I guess my reason for being afraid of chickens goes back to a time when a guinea attacked me at my papa's house! I was traumatized and never went near the guinea again. I am still a little scared of my birds because Paulie has attacked my husband on more than one occasion. The one time that stands out, is when my husband was standing at our island in the kitchen minding his own business..Paulie flew out of his cage and onto the top of my husband's head..he pecked him as hard as he could, and my husband reacted by throwing Paulie to the floor..wild scene..feathers flying and the whole nine yards! Hilarious to us, but traumatizing to D...this has not happened again. I guess Paulie got the message. Maybe that is why he calls D an As*****! Too funny!
Well, I must get to the grocery store, so I will stop reminiscing for now!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talent Show

We just arrived home from the talent show. T did so well and I am so proud of her! The room fell silent when she sang, and she got a big round of applause. Everyone that we met on the way out told her how well she did! It was great! I was so afraid she would be scared, or forget her words,not to mention her sore throat!! But once again, she made us the 'proudest' (is that a word?) parents in the room. She is very talented, and I am not just saying that because she is my child!! She has a beautiful singing voice. Also, the other highlights of the talent show were a magic show, a few beautiful dances(mostly ballet), and some wonderful piano compostions, and a violin recital..really good, and a couple of songs that were very good. I am always amazed at the talent at her school. I am always in awe of the kids, each one brings a different and unique talent to the show. It was better this year than the last!
Other than that, the day was pretty boring!!

Stormy Tuesday!

Today started early for me at 5am. The thunder and Bear woke me from a sound sleep! It turned out to be a pretty stormy morning, as there were several trees down and the electricity was clicking on and off. Traffic was horrible for my husband, and it wasn't much better for me. I am glad that I only have a few miles to travel, but it took me almost 45 minutes! The sun is finally out and it is supposed to be windy and cold today! Yuck! Just as I was beginning to get Spring fever, the weather changes again!!! I do feel better today, but still have an earache and a sore throat! T. has her talent show tonight, but she woke up hoarse, and I am hoping that she has not gotten my flu bug! I hope that her throat will be ok for her performance tonight!! No fever so far!! That is always a good sign!!
My husband's having issues with his blood pressure this week. He has a heart issue that makes his heart beat irregularly, (A fib)so I am worried about him. He has found a new product from a dr./researcher, Carl Lawrence, and he swears it is working for him. It is called Ch elation therapy. It is supposed to work on arrhythmia issues, plaque issues, varicose veins,circulation, etc. It sounds like the wonder drug, and is now being offered by some local doctors to prevent and maintain, and cure heart conditions here in a intravenous form. My husband takes the oral form..I have read on many blogs that heart disease is a major concern for some of your spouses, so I am passing this on for what it is worth. Maybe it will save a life, who knows, but it is natural and not like a lot of the drugs that cause side effects, so it is worth a look! I am hoping that it cures my husband's issues because we have had some scary times with his heart in the past. He has actually been shocked with the paddles to get his heart back into rhythm..very scary as they literally kill you and bring you back to life!! Not a pleasant experience, and it usually doesn't work for long periods of time. He has been told to do the cauterization next, but he has not done this yet. I can't say that I blame him after the first experience! I am hoping that this time he has found something good and reliable!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zoe!! Love that designer dress!!!!!!!!!

On March 4, 2008, Zoe will be 5!! Happy Birthday, Zoe!! We all love you so much! Zoe is the youngest of the three cousins, and she is definitely the "Miss Priss" of the group! The aforementioned picture is proof that she is on her way to a runway one day! She loves to dress up and have her nails painted!! She is a very outgoing child and always makes us laugh. She is very sweet and has a devilish personality! I found this picture and could not resist the post! My T designed this dress for Zoe last year. T made it from her old pantyhose, and Zoe loved it!! She modeled it for us all,and we all laughed until we cried!! T spent hours sewing all the stitches and wrapped it in a beautiful package for Zoe. This is the second gift she has made for her cousins! The first gift was a quilt that she handmade from her old underwear and socks!!! HA!!!!!!!!! Too funny!! T is creative and does really cute bears from old material. She has three garbage bags that she keeps her materials in. When a birthday arrives, she goes to work sewing and designing the perfect gift. I think this is special. I can't wait to share these photo's with them when they are older. I know they will get a good laugh!! We sure did!!!! The three monkeys...cousins forever!! Happy Birthday, Zoe!!

Proof that the Dog ate my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our dog loves to eat paper!! No matter how hard we try to stop this, he manages to find a way to chow down on paper that he finds anywhere in the house!! On his way thru the house to the yard, he spotted T's homework on the chair, so he destroyed it! When we tried to get it from him, he thought we were playing a game and tore the paper even more!! Now T has proof that the dog really did eat her homework!! Maybe Bear is part goat??? Who knows, but this is getting a little old! He is getting out of the puppy stage, so this should be over now!! Thank goodness, I was able to piece the homework back together and xerox it! I managed to save Bear from T's fury!! I do love the picture is a classic!!

Monday, Monday....

There's not much to blog about today. My cold is worse and I feel awful! I had a doctor's appointment to get some papers done today, and managed to get there and back in time to pick T up. T is going to be in the talent show tomorrow night, so she had practice today. She has been practicing all weekend and her song sounds really good so far. I hope that she does well and does not freeze when she gets up on stage. I also hope that I am able to go tomorrow night. I do not want to miss her performance, but I don't want to get everyone I encounter sick either!!
Other than that, I am starting a diet on March 3, so I will probably be posting more often to prevent eating..ha! I am finally off some of the meds that were causing weight gain, so I hope that I can at least lose some of the weight. I don't think I am going to set a goal. I think I will take it weekly and see how that goes in 10 pound increments..that seems to work better for me! It is usually fast coming off the first couple of weeks and then I get frustrated! I think I am going to schedule a doctor's appointment and go that route. That seemed to work before! It is hard to cheat when you have to face a doctor twice a month!! As long as he doesn't make me give up my coffee, I will be fine!! I think I will get T involved because she will keep me honest! So, say a little prayer for me! I'll be needing the strength to keep away from the chocolate for a few months!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The weather is nice today, almost 64 degrees! I am still a little under the weather with the flu bug, but I am starting to feel a little better each day. I am trying to get caught up on the laundry. I hate doing laundry!! I don't mind washing, drying and folding, but carrying all the laundry up and putting it away is a big chore. It just seems to be back in the laundry room too fast!! T changes at least three times a day, so the load is huge. I usually do a load a day, and that helps to keep it up, however, I got behind this week because I was sick. T does do her clothes, but she usually just crumbles them up in a pile in her closet, and then the fun begins..trying to sort thru what is clean and dirty!! It does help that she wears school uniforms each day, but she still manages to change at least three times during the day!!
Other than that, I updated my blog a little. I am still learning how to add pictures, video's etc., and since most of my photo's are ones from my old computer, I am a little behind. I still have not found our camera!! I guess I threw it out in a box. I put it away in a safe place when we moved, but have not been able to remember where that safe place is yet!! Anyways, I hope that the photo's have added a little interest to my blog!! If I don't find the camera soon, I will have to get a new one!!