Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday's Post

It was another beautiful day, and then came the rain!!! Oh well, at least it is helping with the pollen!!! T has a friend over tonight for a sleep over, so we are going out for dinner. I finally got the garage cleaned out yesterday, with a little help from a hired worker! It looks great, and Bear is loving it, although, it won't be long before D starts complaining about the dog being in his area!!! I did not find my camera! I guess I hid it from myself, oh well, I guess I will find it oneday, unless I threw it out! That will be my luck!!
The Presidental election is getting interesting!! It looks like the Republicans will prevail again!!! I can only hope so!! Let's just hope that McCain picks someone good as a running mate so we can hang onto the election!! The democrats are digging themselves deeper with all the scandals, which can only help in the election!! McCain is a little liberal for my tastes, but I will vote for him to get the other two out of there!!
Oh well, until tomorrow!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This week has gone by really fast. I broke my thumb on Saturday night, so I am not doing too well typing this week..Bear decided to drag me through the house and when I put my hand up to grab the wall to stop, my thumb hit the wall and it was bent back and then..pop, it was broken at the knuckle..ouch!! It really wasn't Bear's fault, and he appeared very concerned that I was hurt. He is so big, so I am often not prepared when he decides to take off, so I have to learn to be more careful!!! He hasn't stopped running yet...his favorite hikes are usually after a squirrel or another dog enters the yard!!
Other than that bad news, it has been beautiful weather this week. Our Easter dinner turned out really well, and t enjoyed the day. For the majority of the week, I have been doing a bit of Spring cleaning. I even tackled the garage today. It is going to take more time to get it done now, but it is beginning to shape up!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Today is a beautiful Easter day! The kids in the neighborhood came to the house to hunt Easter eggs and they had a blast!! I am cooking my first ham (say a prayer!! ha!!), and can't wait to eat Easter dinner with my family! Regardless of how the dinner turns out, I am sure we will have a great Easter!!