Friday, October 3, 2008

Feeling better and Friday's thoughts...

Today we are finally feeling a little better after two weeks of a bronchitis bug. It seems that the culprit was a guy at D's work, not our T that gave us the bug. He came into work coughing his head off and that was all it took for D to bring the bug home. It was a two week sickness and we were very lucky that T managed to stay healthy with both of us hacking all around her! Even though we are better now, the sinus stuff is staying around a little longer than it should. You would think after two rounds of antibiotics that we would be fine!! Oh well, maybe the change in season is the reason that we are having some allergies still, and not the bronchitis. Anyways, it is nice to wake up and find that our ability to breathe and talk has returned!!
About the debate last night, I think Sarah Palin did well. I did not know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when she held her own in the debate. I was not that impressed with Biden, as she was able to use his own comments against him, which I thought was a significant blow to Obama's credibility. Two things that really struck me odd with Biden was his comment that he was doing well with a nice big house and a so to speak senator's salary?? I thought this was a bad judgement comment, considering that most of the Us population is in financial ruins...and the comment on the Constitution and the Vp responsibility was also a boggled comment. Check out the article for yourself...he got it backwards!!! It also did not help that some of his attacks on John McCain's voting records were not very well represented. Did he not think that the media would have the proof it needed to check the facts?? BTW, this is just my opinion, but I think he also represented a "old policy" view on many things that I personally am not interested in hearing again. To boot, it seems that the democratic party is not all together this year. First you have the Hilary thing, and then can you change things with the same old Biden and the wishy washy comments about a party united, when they can not move forward on the issues at hand, but still are stuck in the past, blaming Bush and using each other's comments against people in their own party?? Biden was onto Obama in the previous months prior to his VP pick, so how can he change his comments now that he is the nominee to make people think that he truly feels that this guy is what this country needs?? Did he lie previously when he attacked Obama's voting record, and what about his previous support of John McCain??? What is he doing here?? Does he feel that we all are that naive that we can trust someone like him to do anything when he can not decide whose side he is on here??
To Sarah Palin's credit, she did fend him well, but at times, I was very proud to see her look into the camera and talk to America. This is something that put her in a "real person' status for me. I don't always agree with the political rhetoric, but I found this to be a positive spin in getting her true self out there. I think that the media needs to give her a break, and I also think that even though most people voted that she was not that experienced, that she showed that she was willing and able to go into Washington and fight for Americans...the proof will be in the next four years, but honestly, with all that is going on in the world, McCain might be the right choice because I just don't see how Obama can change things with the same "old Biden" who literally told us he would not change in the debate.. We have to have someone in authority that has had experience in the military, and in Washington to get anything done here, and even though I might not agree with all of his policies, he just seems to be the safe person here. This is a race that will go down in history..and it is not one to take a gamble on when there is so much at stake in the world. As I have explained here, this is my opinion, and even though it is not worth the blog it is written on, it stands the same and I think every American should think about what is at stake here when they go and vote. The real truth is that you can never really trust an elected official to do what they say, but in these times, we have to vote on someone to do the job. What other choice do we have here???
Well, enough said on that...I am sure that I will get some nasty comments, but all the same, like I said is just my opinion, for what it is worth...
Hopefully, the world will still be standing after November 4th....we can only hope that we make the right choice and get the reform that is needed to get our country back into shape and move forward...have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain /Palin ticket

Please go to to host a campaign pin to show your support for the McCain/Palin ticket.