Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Weather In the south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had bad weather for almost six hours! We were spared, but most people to the west and east of our location received the major brunt of tornado's, hail and high winds. We got lots of hail, the size of baseballs! The sirens went off a few times, so we made our way to the basement with T and the animals. Thankfully, it all passed! I got to finish my book, so I guess that is one thing that I can be thankful for today. I am off to get the next book, 7th Target!! Maybe I can savor it and make it last more than a day! I can not put the books down once I get into them, so it gets to be an expensive habit. I have tried getting them from the library, but they are always out, and I get tired of waiting for months to get the book.
We are going out to dinner tonight again, and the laundry still is not done, but oh well, there is always tomorrow!!!
My niece did a funny thing yesterday! She cut her hair and all of her doll's hair off. Her sister went to tell on her, but her mom was on the phone, so she went to bed and they got up the next morning to a bald kid, well, not actually bald, but damn close!! While we all got a good laugh, her parent's did not get the joke!!! My mom told me that Z must have taken after me because everyone thought I would grow up to be a cosmotologist because I did the same thing, only I hid the dolls and the hair..I guess I thought no one would notice. My mom took all the scissors out of the house..I couldn't even have plastic scissors, so I called my niece and gave her that tip. Z would not talk to me, I guess she was embarrassed.
Oh well, the sun is shining, so I am out of her before the storms roll in again..have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Rain!!

Today was a relaxing day. It rained on and off all day, but the kids were able to play on their scooters for about an hour. We went out to dinner, and found that our neighborhood diner had closed it's doors!! So, we ate Mexican food instead..what a bummer! There was no notice of our favorite steakhouse closing, only a note on the door! That was whacked!!! We were regular customers, and had no idea of the closing..oh well, I guess we will have to venture out more!! Other than that, the maid came for the month, so at least I will only have laundry to do this weekend!! Joy, Joy!!! Next week is half days for T..she has tests all week!! At least I won't have to pack lunches, etc..a nice break for me! She is a picky eater, so I have a very hard time planning her meals for school. She won't eat in the lunchroom!!
There was a tornado at the GA Dome tonight..60mph winds. No one was hurt, thank goodness! We actually had high winds and hail!! I had to leave the restaurant and come home to let Bear in..he was soaked and very upset with me!! I gave him some benedryl to calm him, but now my laundry room smells like wet dog!! Yuck!! So, at least he is quiet now. I actually had to hold him down and sit on him and hold his mouth open..I think I got more on me than he got in his mouth!! Silly dog!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday is Senior Day At the Kroger!!!!

For all you ladies looking to find that perfect man, I have found a perfect way to meet wonderful males! I went to do my shopping this week at Kroger on a Wednesday, which is senior day! I found that there are lots of lonely men out there in the grocery store on Senior day! I was approached over 6 times in the store!! Men everywhere!! I got invites to lunch, dinner and a bookstore, all in one trip! I told my husband about the bank deposit slip I got from one old geezer! I must look trustworthy! HA!! One man actually gave me his phone number and address on a bank deposit return, I gave him a lecture on security, and identity theft!! My husband said I looked matronly, so that is why I got approached so many times! I told him I thought it was my bubbly personality!! And furthermore, I was thinking of trading him in on an older model!! Anyways, I completed my shopping in 2 and a half hours, and had a blast listening to the older men tell about their aliments and life stories! For a good time, visit the Kroger on senior day!!! It sure makes the day go by faster, and I had a blast giving out my mom, and aunt's phone numbers to all that asked for my number!! HA!!!!!!! Maybe I will be a matchmaker for the elderly!!! My next career!!!

A Cool Mom!

Today I got a great compliment from my daughter..she said I was a cool mom!! Whoa!! I found myself wondering what it was that she was trying to buy?? HA!! When I get compliments of this sort, there is usually something that she wants at the store!! So, I gave it a few minutes, and then the question was.."when do you get paid?" HA!! Who didn't know that??? It is amazing that she knows my paydays better than I do, and it is also strange that her allowance has been going into her piggy bank. So, I gave in and asked her what it was that she wanted to buy..this time I got a real creative story.."Mom, I need these pens for school, they are really cool and have faces and hair on them..all of the kids have them, and I only have 16 of them..I need 4 more for my collection!" So, this is where the allowance has been going!! The pens cost almost $4 at Staples!! Wow, who knew that a child needed 20 pens for school?! So, I did what most moms do, and I went on Ebay! Here is a picture of the pens that my daughter wants to collect..they are strange looking, but apparently the new wave!! So, I told her that maybe the Easter Bunny could find them..her next comment was scary..she then told me that she had found the pens on Ebay and they were really cheap!!! So, now I have to worry about my daughter bidding on Ebay!! What is next, her won paypal account???? Kids are so smart these days! Computer savvy..she knows more about technology than I ever will, and now she is using it to her advantage to shop online!! I had her go down and get her piggy bank. I told her that if she wanted the pens, she had to save for them. To my surprise, she had enough money saved to get the pens, so I placed a bid, but lost the auction, so I guess I will have to loan her $6 for the pens at Staples. I will go ahead and give her an advance on her allowance for the month. You know, I really want to stay a "Cool Mom" for a few more days, at least until the pens come in!!!! After that, I am sure I will go back to being a "Nagger", as I am often called!! Oh well, you take what you can get, and hope that one day, she will remember how her mom sacrificed her Starbucks coffee, and her Aston Martin, so that she could be the "cool" kid in school! Now I finally see what my mom went thru when I was a kid..the only difference is that I had three other siblings, so it must have been harder for her to be a "cool mom"!! Although, I don't think I was ever deprived of what I wanted to have as a child because it was usually obtained by a hand- me -down from my Cool sister!!
My mom is still a cool mom. Just last week I was complaining (joking) to mom that I never get anything now that I have a child..ha! My mom had just mailed my daughter a package..she does this because she buys each little kid a gift on the other's birthday, and since it was my great niece's birthday, they all got gifts!! Spoiled Brats!!! Two days later, I received a package..two pieces of gum and a $10 Walmart card from my mom..ha! It was a great feeling to be able to chew that gum in front of my daughter and say.."hey look at me, my mom still loves me as much as she loves you, I got gum and a Walmart card!" Now, who's the spoiled brat?? The gum thing is a funny story! Mom has always sent T gum in all of her cards since she was little. A few years ago, mom mailed a card to t when she was sick and forgot the gum!! T screamed and cried for an hour!! I called mom and we were laughing so hard, and mom said she would never forget the gum again in T's card!! Now, T smells every card before opening to make sure her Nanny has remembered to add gum to the card!! For some reason, this is something special to her! When I look back, my dad did the same thing for T with Lucky Charms! I would not buy the box cereal because of the price..the bag is cheaper, so T acted up in the grocery store one day, and my sister told dad. The next week, T got a big box of "boxed" Lucky Charms, and each time we went for a visit, he would have two boxes waiting for her!!! He died a few years ago, and we still have those boxes of cereal..T will not get rid of them. Can you say spoiled brat..thanks to the parent's!! I guess the grand kids always come first in the end! Maybe it is their revenge for what we put them thru in our childhood!! Who knows? But, at least we all know we are loved!! Our parent's are cooler now that we are older..I did learn that as an adult!!! All I can hope for is that my daughter learns the same lesson!!! And maybe one day, she will grace me with some gradkids of my own so I can be the "cool" one again!!!!!!!!!

Thursday's News!

Today is another gorgeous day..the sun is shining and it is almost 70 degrees!! I have been reading for the past two days and trying to catch up on my books so I can get the new James Patterson book. His books are amazing, and I am finding it hard to put them down, thus I have been neglecting my household chores. Not that anyone has noticed, but I will have to do the laundry today..yuck! My husband also got us a new patio set yesterday! It looks great on the deck and it is exactly what I wanted!! I am waiting to do all my chores so that I can relax outside with my book!!!
I got some really good ideas yesterday for my flower issues and I think I am going to start doing some plants this week. T wants a vegetable garden, so her dad has promised that he will build her a box to put her seeds in ,if she keeps up her chores for a month. Apparently, he does not realize that she is the kind of kid that will make it happen, so I guess he had better get ready to go to Home Depot next month with his wallet in hand!! I think this is a good thing for her. We do have the water ban still for outdoor watering, so I guess she will have to get up very early in the am this summer to comply with the watering times. That should be interesting!! She is not a morning person, so I know who will end up taking care of her garden..oh well, it will be exciting to see what happens!
My aunt is coming up on Monday to visit. She will be passing thru on her way to a celebration, so T is looking forward to seeing her. I am also looking forward to seeing her, as I have missed seeing her when I have gone down to see my mom.
My Grandmother has not been doing well this week. Please keep her in your prayers. Her heart is getting weaker, and she is 97. I am praying that she will make it to 100! She is so special to us all!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Embarrassing Moment!

There are times when you wish you could crawl into the ground and never have to face the world again!!! I had one of those moments recently!
I had just finished my shower and the dog needed to go outside. Since I was in my nightshirt and nothing else, I decided to take him into the backyard to do his business. This is not a problem usually, but on that particular day, there were golfers on the ninth hole that is very close to my backyard. I managed to get the dog onto the bottom deck and started down the steps to the yard. No golfers could see me, so I felt pretty safe doing this in my nightshirt. As I approached the bottom step of the deck, a golfer hit his ball into my backyard, and Bear decided to fetch the ball(or the golfer) and the lease got wrapped around my foot. I did a somersault into the air and my nightshirt went over my head! At that time, the golfer, probably embarrassed himself, came to my rescue. Bear began to pull me down either further on the ground and my nightshirt was around my neck. I was basically naked for all on the ninth hole to see, including the golfer in my yard!!!!!!!! I was horrified! He was very nice and asked if I was ok, apologized, while Bear fought me to get loose! I keep my dignity, and managed to pull myself off the ground, rearrange my nightshirt and answer the golfer that I was fine..needless to say, I won't be going outdoors again in just a nightshirt!! I am sure that the golfers had some interesting conversation about the naked lady on the ninth hole!!! Thank goodness, my face was covered during most of my embarrassing moment!!! Not that anyone noticed my face when T & A were abundant!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Cement Pig

Today I received a call from a good friend. My friend told me that she was having marital problems and she began to tell about the problems in her life, and crying about the husband, and his problems with his ex wife, her step daughter's wedding plans, etc. She was distraught. Since I also married a man with baggage, I could relate. I was trying to make her feel better so I told her that I would buy her a pig. She started to laugh and asked me what I was talking about buying a pig. I told her how I dealt with my own husband's "ex" issues. I went to Lowe's and bought a cement pig. I named the pig after his ex wife, and placed the pig on my deck at my home. When I grow tired of listening to my husband rant about his problems with his ex, or his children from that marriage, or his burden of child support, etc. I send my husband out to tell the other words, she(his ex) is the pig, and he can kick the s*** out of the pig (I have a few times), or whatever he feels like doing, so that I don't have to get involved or listen to his rants. There have been times when I have talked to the pig, but that is another story for another day!! I don't know if I helped or not, but at least now my friend can laugh under her breath when she is at the step child's wedding, and she has to deal with his ex and all of her certainly works for me!
Because my husband dislikes his ex...when he started calling her a pig b(female dog) after heated arguments about the kids, etc, and I saw the pig at Lowe's, I knew I had to get the pig! It has been a great way to express our feelings without hurting any one's feelings, and the pig has also lightened the load on those days when she has attempted to make our life a living hell with her bad attitude. Not to mention the reactions (and laughs) of all of our friends when they have inquired as to why I have a large cement pig on my deck! I have introduced the pig to them!!!! It makes a great conversation piece!!! Thank goodness I am a resourceful person and I have found a way to deal with the stresses that come with ex baggage..!! Hey, it beats the alternative of living miserably and wasting precious time fighting over things that happened 20 years ago...I was never an issue with the break up, my friend actually married her husband after the ex ran off with another man?? Hello, life is too short!! Move on people!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Funny kid quote at Mass!

I read my cousin's blog today and was really amused when I read the comment of her daughter who is three: At Mass, my little cousin said this prayer.."And when I do bad things, Jesus, please close your eyes, Amen." Hilarious! I am sure that God got a chuckle out of that prayer!!! I sure did!!! God love her!!!!

My Handsome Nephew and Beautiful Nieces!!!

These are a few pictures of my two nieces and my nephew that my brother-in-law sent me! They are all grown up and I really miss seeing them...too bad they don't live closer!! Thank God for cameras, email, and cellphones!!! I get to take part in all of their activities, even if I live 800 miles away!!! time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DST is going to take a few days to get used, it is almost 3pm and I woke up at 11am!! The day is almost over! I did stay up late last night READING!!! Finally, I am making some progress on my James Patterson books! T has also started on her Inkheart book. She seems to enjoy reading, and I am so glad! The day has been relaxing so far, as I have just spent two hours surfing the net. Oh well, I still have to get to the grocery store and do a few other little things today, but it is no big deal. The weather is somewhat nicer today, at least the sun is shining, although it is still a little breezy for me. Bear is enjoying being outdoors, that is always a plus for him! He was so miserable yesterday, and he slept most of the day.
James Patterson is such a gifted author! I can not seem to put his books down and I can hardly wait for the next book. I am addicted!! I get such a rush from his books, as I really miss the excitement from my previous pathetic, ha!! I used to complain about the work, hours, etc., but it was so much fun for me. I honestly think that my past job was my "life calling", and it is such a bummer to me to have had to give it up!!! Oh well, I have a new challenge T. I can live my life thru her for a few years until she grows up and no longer needs my opinions!! Heck, she doesn't really want them now, but I gladly give them to her makes for a fun time!! If you have never read one of his books, you have to read one...most people find them to be very interesting and always go for the second book. That is, if you have the stomach for some of them. Some people can not get into them, but at least try them out, and then decide.
Also, for all you coffee drinkers, I have found a new coffee from Folgers called Black is really have to try it!! Until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!