Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It is so nice to see the end of 2008. Hopefully, the country will mend in 2009 and we all will be happy and healthy during the New Year!!
I made a few resolutions this year..1. to save more money, 2. to lose more weight, and 3. to be more tolerant of those who get on my last nerve. So, we shall see when I reflect back to my blog next year, if I made it through and held true to my resolutions. I have failed in the losing weight area more than once, but at 43, I am beginning to see how important it is to take care of myself. I think this is one area that sometimes gets pushed to the side when you are a mother, wife, etc. Life happens, and then sometimes we just accept things and let them go on thinking that they will change one day. So, I am going to attempt to be healthier this year.
The holidays are finally over. We did not do anything major, but we did spend hours of quality time together as a family. We also spent a weekend with my immediate family, which was really nice.
My husband's aunt died on Christmas day, so this was really sad for all of us. Our beloved Aunt Dixie will be missed. She was such a special lady that gave all she had to everyone around her. Even though we did not get to visit often, we always kept in touch with her. My husband was devastated, as she was like a mother to him throughout his life. I am just thankful that we all got to spend time with her a few years back, and that we got to talk to her recently. This was all so sudden and unexpected, as she was the type that never let anyone know how sick she really was because she was always more concerned about other people and what was going on in their lives.
My best memory of Aunt Dixie was her cooking. She always made me a plate of food to go..if I was off to work, she made sure I had some food. If I was sick, she made sure I had something to eat, and she always made sure that she was around when we visited my husband's family. She was full of life and loved children. When my daughter was born, she came down to my house and made dinner for us, took care of me and my family, and our visits to MD were special because she made it a point to be there, and she had time with my daughter. We always got cards, family pictures, etc. She made sure that my daughter had photo's of her deceased relatives, and made it a point to give her the full names so that she would know where she came from later in life. We all will miss her. I know that the world is a better place because of her and all that she contributed while she was here on this earth!
Well, I am off to watch the rain fall..have a blessed day and I hope the New Year will be prosperous for everyone!!