Friday, February 8, 2008

Life Lesson

Today is Friday..whoohooo!! I can sleep in tomorrow! Well, that won't happen because the dog is on the weekly schedule, so he still thinks he has to go out at 7!!! And if I am not downstairs to let him out, he will bark until he hears me getting my coffee!!! No rest for me!! Today, T missed her 7:30 group meeting because the clock did not go off to wake us up! We both overslept, which is not like me. Even though I don't get into bed until late, I am always awake on time. I did wake up at 6:30, but after calling T to wake her, I decided to close my eyes for a few more minutes, and when I woke, it was already 7, so even if she rushed, with the traffic, we would have been late. No big deal. It is just a club and she is always there, so a one time miss is no big deal. I figured that her body needed the rest because she has had a bad cold this week. When we got to her school, it appeared we weren't the only ones that missed today, so I did not feel so bad.
Next week will be a very busy week as I have dr. appts and she has a banquet, field trip, and Valentine's Day, and then the weekend is my birthday. She also has a project due on Monday! It never ends!! What I need is a day off to relax and read my book!!! HA! But as all mothers know, it won't happen!! Even though I get tired and overwhelmed most of the time, I know that oneday when it is all over and she is all grown up and out on her own, I will be lost! We were talking the other day and she said that she was going to go to college and live with us forever..ha! I told her that when she was 18, I would have her bags packed and my foot on her rear..with my checkbook in hand ready to buy my new red convertible and book my vacation to another country for a year...ha! We all know that the checkbook will be out to finance her red convertible and her six years of college...I will more than likely be driving my 1995 Nissian van with 350000 miles on the odometer, or one of my other clunkers! It is amazing how your priorites change when you have a child! You give up so much, but then you get to see them grow up and see how those material things are really not that important is that child's life that is the main priority and when it all comes together, that is the real reward. I have been fortunate to be able to give her a Christian education and even though it has not been easy to afford, somehow, I have been blessed and I have managed to have enough. .God always provides a way. Sometimes it takes a slap in the face to make you wake up and realize that what you had thought was important, really isn't. I had a great job, my health, money in the bank and a wonderful child and family life, but I was not at home and I was missing what was really important...And then, I had an accident and lost all of the above and I learned that sometimes God does things to slow us down..he shows us what is really important. I think that by having a near death experience kind of wakes you up to the fact that things can always be worse. It would have been way worse if I would have died and I did not have a chance to see my daughter grow up, or that she managed to realize that I had put my career before her...I thought that by working to provide her with those extra activites that I was giving her what she needed, but I was wrong. What a child needs is love and for the parents to be there. We have enough. We have been so blessed. God provides and anyone that thinks he is not there, well, take a look at me..if it weren't for him, I would not have had a second chance. I worked all the time, nights,weekends, holidays, etc., and I was missing out on so much. Don't get me wrong, I lived and breathed my job. It was exciting and rewarding, but once I had my child, I was so strung out and I was so stressed out, and then one morning at 5:30am, I was driving as usual to work and an old man ran me off the road into some trees..I never knew what hit me, and when I woke up, I was not the same person that I once an instance, everything changed..even though I have recovered life has changed so much. I think one has to ponder what their purpose in life really is when that happens..that is when you realize that there is a God and there is always a plan and everyone's life does have a purpose, even though at the moment you might not know what that is, God will show you what it is...sometimes a knock in the head is all you need!! In my case, it worked! Life is about what you make it..whatever you think it may be can be changed in an instance, so the real lesson is to leave your heart and mind open to God..let him show you your purpose. It may not always be what you think it should be, but it will always be what your creator has in place for you. That is the beauty..everyone has a purpose. Life is not about money, cars, houses, etc. While those things are always bonuses,the real things that are important in life are your family, friends, and the love that you feel from all of is also the person that you become in life. And all of it you owe to God..after all, he is the one who gave it all to you! So, when you are down your lowest, look up for the might take awhile to find the answer, but it is there! I have finally learned my life lesson!

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GaNNy said...

So True Dana, Mom always says the same that Life is all thanks to God. And I am serious believer in God. We are all of the God Fearing Clan.

There have been so many Incidents mine & my family's Life that I should be Thankful to God. But not all words & Thank you's can ever come equal to what the great All Mighty has Done for us.

Sometimes, in the flow of life people tend to forget him or remember when they are in Trouble. But like they say, we are the children of God & we are all equal in his eyes. He forgives us all.

Good to know that you are a believer who thinks that life is not always about Cars & stuff. It's more about enjoying it every bit of it. And we certainly doing good at it.

In God We Trust... God Bless