Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prank Call

Today after I voted, I got a call from school to pick T up because she was sick and running a fever. I got her and came home. Later in the afternoon, the phone rang. I recognized the number and name on the caller ID, so I answered. The caller was none other than "Miley Cyrus" calling from Hollywood to speak with my daughter. So, I handed the phone to T and she immediately knew the call was a prank, so she handed me the phone. I played along for a few minutes and then "Billy Ray" came on the phone to talk about the weather. I was laughing at the "grown up" voice and after having about a ten minute conversation, I decided to teach the children a lesson. I said oh it was great talking with you Miley and Billy Ray..I am so glad that you are not only calling our house, but that you are also visiting "so and so's" (the real caller)house. The phone went silent and then click, my conversation with my daughter's friends was over...no more prank calls from kids! Or so I thought, about ten minutes later, T got a call again, this time from her friend. The friend was afraid that I was going to call her mother and get her into trouble for placing a prank call..she asked my daughter how her mom had recognized her voice..I realized that the prank was really on this young girl when I heard T say..my mom is Ex Fed Agency that I used to work for.., she used the criss- cross and found your number, then she found your address and she is on her way over to meet Miley and Billy Ray....I hope your mom won't be too upset that she is showing up unannounced..again, the phone went dead..the next call was from the real mom. Apparently the mother had a scared daughter on her hands. The caller's mom and I got a big laugh and decided to play along a little longer when the mom told her daughter that I had already left my house to come to her's and that she would have to explain to me what she had done...I actually got another call an hour later with an apology. I was not offended at all, neither was T. Her friend is a real friend that comes to our house often and was only trying to make T feel better because she knew how much T likes Hannah Montana. It is a sad world when you can't even make a prank call because of caller ID! HA!! I can remember calling several church ladies when I was a kid asking " Is your refrigerator running, they would answer yes, and then we would scream into the receiver..you better go catch it!" And my all time favorite was calling a local grocery store and asking in a male voice..do you have Prince Albert in a can..well you know the rest! Too funny!! I was also proud of my daughter because she can think fast on her feet and she also has a wonderful sense of humor! So, we are actually going to see this young girl over this weekend at her birthday, so I have decided to call her Miley..that should be alot of fun!!

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