Thursday, February 28, 2008

MRI and other stuff.....

It was very cold here today, although the sun is shining and it is warming up to at least 50 today, so the weather man says, but I am beginning to doubt his prediction!!
I had to have an MRI done this am, and it was an awful experience! I became so claustrophobic that the technician had to stop the machine three times to let me embarrassing!!! I believe that my sinus problem probably played a role in my hyperventilating!! HA! I thought I was going to stop breathing a few times and it was not fun!! I finally managed to get out of there two hours later..and I was so glad to get the film, so now, I hope that I don't have to go back in for another one for a long time!!! I haven't had an MRI since my car accident, and since I had a head injury, I was unconscious the first time, so I did not have to worry about the feeling of being in a coffin!! I know that there are open MRI's, but they are all the same to me. When you are in any enclosed machine, it is an awful feeling, especially with all the knocking that goes on..if not for the knocking noises, one might be able to fall asleep and miss the bad experience. I am sure that the technician will tell my doctor what a wuss I was today, so I guess I should prepare myself for the big tease!!HA!! There are few things in life that I fear..snakes, spiders, and now MRI machines! HA!!
Other than that not so nice experience, today has been pretty normal. I have been working on some letters for my daughter's school fundraiser. This is unusual for her school since it is private, and it is a first, but they are building on to the structure and are trying to update the gym with new equipment. This is a much needed fundraiser because they don't even have bleachers for the games there. The school went from 10 kids to 300 in a few years, so the gym has been neglected to the point of having to depend on other schools for games, etc. So, some of you will be receiving donation cards from my T. Please help if you can, if not, we understand. Any amount is appreciated as they are starting with 200 given from a stranger, and that is it so far. Also, the donation is tax deductible..that helps! The fund will also help with a scholarship program for needy families who might experience a hardship from a disaster such as accidents, etc. So, it is a good thing. I believe that her school is awesome and I know my child has benefited from everything, from the caring teachers, to the opportunities that are available to her there. I was hoping that they would add a few grades, but it stops at eighth grade, so I will be sad when she goes to high school at a different school. Don't get me wrong, the high school that most of the students from her school go to after 8th grade is really a great school. I would consider the public schools, but after hearing some of the horror stories on the news, and from other parents, I don't think it would be worth it for me to have to worry about her safety, etc. She is going to school to learn, not to be made to walk thru metal detectors, subjected to barbed wire fences surrounding the school like a prison, and told that she cannot be a proud American because she is forbidden to pledge the American flag! Are we not in America anymore?? You have to wonder sometimes! Why is it that in our country, we have to worry about offending people from other countries? If they are not on board with our freedoms, then they should leave here and go back home! When I grew up, the people who were offended by our country's pledge, or our prayer were allowed to sit thru the morning ritual...what ever happened to that??? I just think this is so out there, and no one seems to care!! Maybe we all should home school, or put our kids in a school that is not govt controlled..there has to be another way!! I could not believe my eyes when I drove past the Middle school last week and saw police arresting 3 middle school aged kids for selling drugs ..middle school??? Is it really that bad?? I think that maybe they are subconsciously raising criminals because of the way they treat kids these days. We were allowed freedom when we were kids, and if we did something wrong, we were punished. In today's society, I don't know if it is a parent problem, or the message that is being sent by the way the kids are being treated, but somewhere something is terribly wrong. I know that everyone has to go out in the world, but why put your child in harm's way? You do want them to grow up, get educated, and live their life, but with the horrible school systems, that is sometimes a dream. Don't get me wrong, private schools are not cheap, but there are so many other alternatives out there, a person has options, I just can't see the school systems changing anytime soon, It seems to get worse every time the TV comes on. I think as parents, we all need to pay attention and try to find a solution to this problem. I think kids should feel safe at their school, not dodging drug dealers and gun wielding nuts that shoot at them for no reason!! Schools should not have to have fences around them, metal detectors, or teachers that molest them!! Maybe what needs to happen is for everyone to take their kids out and home school, re train the minds and the behavior and start fresh...maybe put the prayer and the pledge back into the system..somewhere the values and morals are getting lost in the system!! Kids today are not what they were when we grew up..some are good, but so many are ending up on the short end of the stick..why are we as a nation failing to see this?? I am sick of seeing fighting on school buses, school shootings and kids killing kids because they are on serious mind altering drugs...this is not normal!! We are failing as parents if we allow this to go on..I just want my child to grow up normal without all the violence. I teach her to protect herself, etc., but when she has to fear going to school, or riding the bus, I have to draw the line and find another way to ensure that she gets what she needs!

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