Friday, February 29, 2008

How to hurt your husband's pride!!!!!!!!!!

I came across this picture today, and remembered the funny story that went along with it, so I thought I would share..
A few years back, my husband took my daughter and I on a fishing trip for the weekend at a lake a few hours from our home. It was Mother's Day weekend, so it was a nice treat for us to be able to relax. We lived in Maryland on the water for years, so Georgia is really no comparison to the bay when it comes to fishing, but we thought we would give it a try. We had been to this particular lake a few times before and he had always been the only one to catch a lot of fish..I was never lucky and had been told that I had no fishing skills. I knew this was not true because I had been raised to fish by my family, so I took it in stride, and did my best to rise to the occasion and prove his comments wrong.
We went fishing for most of the first night and caught nothing. The next day, T and I were ready to go! But, he wanted to make sure that we did not leave empty handed, so we went out once more on the boat and fished most of the day...No fish. When we were headed back into the marina, I felt a tug at one of my lines, so I slowly reeled in a really nice fish. T grabbed the camera and took several shots of the fish and began bragging about my fishing abilities to her dad..granted he is supposedly the better fisherman, so I guess he was a little annoyed at this point. So, in order to destroy evidence of my better fishing skills, he intentionally cut the line and the fish sank back into the lake!!! I was furious! The boat ride into the marina was silent...and to this day, he swears that I never caught a fish on the trip!! So, what do you think..nice proof, huh??? Thank God, my daughter inherited some of my investigative skills!! She is also a great photographer!!!! And obviously very good at proving her dad wrong!! Now, that is a great fishing story!!!

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