Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday....

There's not much to blog about today. My cold is worse and I feel awful! I had a doctor's appointment to get some papers done today, and managed to get there and back in time to pick T up. T is going to be in the talent show tomorrow night, so she had practice today. She has been practicing all weekend and her song sounds really good so far. I hope that she does well and does not freeze when she gets up on stage. I also hope that I am able to go tomorrow night. I do not want to miss her performance, but I don't want to get everyone I encounter sick either!!
Other than that, I am starting a diet on March 3, so I will probably be posting more often to prevent eating..ha! I am finally off some of the meds that were causing weight gain, so I hope that I can at least lose some of the weight. I don't think I am going to set a goal. I think I will take it weekly and see how that goes in 10 pound increments..that seems to work better for me! It is usually fast coming off the first couple of weeks and then I get frustrated! I think I am going to schedule a doctor's appointment and go that route. That seemed to work before! It is hard to cheat when you have to face a doctor twice a month!! As long as he doesn't make me give up my coffee, I will be fine!! I think I will get T involved because she will keep me honest! So, say a little prayer for me! I'll be needing the strength to keep away from the chocolate for a few months!

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