Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stormy Tuesday!

Today started early for me at 5am. The thunder and Bear woke me from a sound sleep! It turned out to be a pretty stormy morning, as there were several trees down and the electricity was clicking on and off. Traffic was horrible for my husband, and it wasn't much better for me. I am glad that I only have a few miles to travel, but it took me almost 45 minutes! The sun is finally out and it is supposed to be windy and cold today! Yuck! Just as I was beginning to get Spring fever, the weather changes again!!! I do feel better today, but still have an earache and a sore throat! T. has her talent show tonight, but she woke up hoarse, and I am hoping that she has not gotten my flu bug! I hope that her throat will be ok for her performance tonight!! No fever so far!! That is always a good sign!!
My husband's having issues with his blood pressure this week. He has a heart issue that makes his heart beat irregularly, (A fib)so I am worried about him. He has found a new product from a dr./researcher, Carl Lawrence, and he swears it is working for him. It is called Ch elation therapy. It is supposed to work on arrhythmia issues, plaque issues, varicose veins,circulation, etc. It sounds like the wonder drug, and is now being offered by some local doctors to prevent and maintain, and cure heart conditions here in a intravenous form. My husband takes the oral form..I have read on many blogs that heart disease is a major concern for some of your spouses, so I am passing this on for what it is worth. Maybe it will save a life, who knows, but it is natural and not like a lot of the drugs that cause side effects, so it is worth a look! I am hoping that it cures my husband's issues because we have had some scary times with his heart in the past. He has actually been shocked with the paddles to get his heart back into rhythm..very scary as they literally kill you and bring you back to life!! Not a pleasant experience, and it usually doesn't work for long periods of time. He has been told to do the cauterization next, but he has not done this yet. I can't say that I blame him after the first experience! I am hoping that this time he has found something good and reliable!

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