Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talent Show

We just arrived home from the talent show. T did so well and I am so proud of her! The room fell silent when she sang, and she got a big round of applause. Everyone that we met on the way out told her how well she did! It was great! I was so afraid she would be scared, or forget her words,not to mention her sore throat!! But once again, she made us the 'proudest' (is that a word?) parents in the room. She is very talented, and I am not just saying that because she is my child!! She has a beautiful singing voice. Also, the other highlights of the talent show were a magic show, a few beautiful dances(mostly ballet), and some wonderful piano compostions, and a violin recital..really good, and a couple of songs that were very good. I am always amazed at the talent at her school. I am always in awe of the kids, each one brings a different and unique talent to the show. It was better this year than the last!
Other than that, the day was pretty boring!!

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