Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zoe!! Love that designer dress!!!!!!!!!

On March 4, 2008, Zoe will be 5!! Happy Birthday, Zoe!! We all love you so much! Zoe is the youngest of the three cousins, and she is definitely the "Miss Priss" of the group! The aforementioned picture is proof that she is on her way to a runway one day! She loves to dress up and have her nails painted!! She is a very outgoing child and always makes us laugh. She is very sweet and has a devilish personality! I found this picture and could not resist the post! My T designed this dress for Zoe last year. T made it from her old pantyhose, and Zoe loved it!! She modeled it for us all,and we all laughed until we cried!! T spent hours sewing all the stitches and wrapped it in a beautiful package for Zoe. This is the second gift she has made for her cousins! The first gift was a quilt that she handmade from her old underwear and socks!!! HA!!!!!!!!! Too funny!! T is creative and does really cute bears from old material. She has three garbage bags that she keeps her materials in. When a birthday arrives, she goes to work sewing and designing the perfect gift. I think this is special. I can't wait to share these photo's with them when they are older. I know they will get a good laugh!! We sure did!!!! The three monkeys...cousins forever!! Happy Birthday, Zoe!!

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