Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It snowed here this am!!! Yesterday, it was in the 60's and today snow??? No accumulation, but the wind is blowing and the forecast is saying it will be in the 20's tonight!! I was so hoping for a warm up, but I guess I will have to wait a few more days?!
Other than that, today I went to a local farm and purchased fresh eggs and milk that had not been altered, etc. It was really neat to find that kind of place so close to the city! It was very peaceful with all the animals and made me want to move to a simple place, away from the rat race!! I can't wait to take T there, as she loves animals and would enjoy seeing the farm with all the cows, horses, pigs and chickens. There was also a few cats playing in the yard, which would be hard to leave for T. She loves animals and has been begging for a horse and a pig! HA! That would be a little hard to get past the Homeowners Association here..can you imagine, pigs and a horse on a golf course?? HA! We would be forced to sell our house and move. Can you say Beverly Hillbillies???
The trip to the farm reminded me of when I was a kid and went to both of my grandpa's farms. My papa's always had pigs and cows and chickens galore. I was always afraid of chickens, so I think it is ironic that I have birds now. I guess my reason for being afraid of chickens goes back to a time when a guinea attacked me at my papa's house! I was traumatized and never went near the guinea again. I am still a little scared of my birds because Paulie has attacked my husband on more than one occasion. The one time that stands out, is when my husband was standing at our island in the kitchen minding his own business..Paulie flew out of his cage and onto the top of my husband's head..he pecked him as hard as he could, and my husband reacted by throwing Paulie to the floor..wild scene..feathers flying and the whole nine yards! Hilarious to us, but traumatizing to D...this has not happened again. I guess Paulie got the message. Maybe that is why he calls D an As*****! Too funny!
Well, I must get to the grocery store, so I will stop reminiscing for now!!!

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