Monday, February 25, 2008

Proof that the Dog ate my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our dog loves to eat paper!! No matter how hard we try to stop this, he manages to find a way to chow down on paper that he finds anywhere in the house!! On his way thru the house to the yard, he spotted T's homework on the chair, so he destroyed it! When we tried to get it from him, he thought we were playing a game and tore the paper even more!! Now T has proof that the dog really did eat her homework!! Maybe Bear is part goat??? Who knows, but this is getting a little old! He is getting out of the puppy stage, so this should be over now!! Thank goodness, I was able to piece the homework back together and xerox it! I managed to save Bear from T's fury!! I do love the picture is a classic!!


Linda said...

Know T was angry! She'll learn. After all Bear is just a dog. Feel better!

GaNNy said...

Just Classic. Can there be something funnier than this. The Bear chewing up the HW. Great!!!!!!!.

I know T really studies Hard & likes 2. If I would have been in her place I would given the HW Paper 2 Bear before doin anything & then would have made a Hue & Cry of it.

Wow that way I could have taken my Next Day off coool, hope kids don't start readin the Blog much. They sure are gettin new Tips.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But the fact is that T really studies Hard & is excelling in all her Fields of ventures. She's Brilliant. Wishing her & Bear all the Best.