Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Weather In the south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had bad weather for almost six hours! We were spared, but most people to the west and east of our location received the major brunt of tornado's, hail and high winds. We got lots of hail, the size of baseballs! The sirens went off a few times, so we made our way to the basement with T and the animals. Thankfully, it all passed! I got to finish my book, so I guess that is one thing that I can be thankful for today. I am off to get the next book, 7th Target!! Maybe I can savor it and make it last more than a day! I can not put the books down once I get into them, so it gets to be an expensive habit. I have tried getting them from the library, but they are always out, and I get tired of waiting for months to get the book.
We are going out to dinner tonight again, and the laundry still is not done, but oh well, there is always tomorrow!!!
My niece did a funny thing yesterday! She cut her hair and all of her doll's hair off. Her sister went to tell on her, but her mom was on the phone, so she went to bed and they got up the next morning to a bald kid, well, not actually bald, but damn close!! While we all got a good laugh, her parent's did not get the joke!!! My mom told me that Z must have taken after me because everyone thought I would grow up to be a cosmotologist because I did the same thing, only I hid the dolls and the hair..I guess I thought no one would notice. My mom took all the scissors out of the house..I couldn't even have plastic scissors, so I called my niece and gave her that tip. Z would not talk to me, I guess she was embarrassed.
Oh well, the sun is shining, so I am out of her before the storms roll in again..have a great weekend!!

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