Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Embarrassing Moment!

There are times when you wish you could crawl into the ground and never have to face the world again!!! I had one of those moments recently!
I had just finished my shower and the dog needed to go outside. Since I was in my nightshirt and nothing else, I decided to take him into the backyard to do his business. This is not a problem usually, but on that particular day, there were golfers on the ninth hole that is very close to my backyard. I managed to get the dog onto the bottom deck and started down the steps to the yard. No golfers could see me, so I felt pretty safe doing this in my nightshirt. As I approached the bottom step of the deck, a golfer hit his ball into my backyard, and Bear decided to fetch the ball(or the golfer) and the lease got wrapped around my foot. I did a somersault into the air and my nightshirt went over my head! At that time, the golfer, probably embarrassed himself, came to my rescue. Bear began to pull me down either further on the ground and my nightshirt was around my neck. I was basically naked for all on the ninth hole to see, including the golfer in my yard!!!!!!!! I was horrified! He was very nice and asked if I was ok, apologized, while Bear fought me to get loose! I keep my dignity, and managed to pull myself off the ground, rearrange my nightshirt and answer the golfer that I was fine..needless to say, I won't be going outdoors again in just a nightshirt!! I am sure that the golfers had some interesting conversation about the naked lady on the ninth hole!!! Thank goodness, my face was covered during most of my embarrassing moment!!! Not that anyone noticed my face when T & A were abundant!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa Sorry about the Situation you have been in to. It is embarrassing & I can completely understand your Feelings over it. There are so many moments in our life where we feel that, if only time could be reversed or UNDO the last action of ours. But like they say

The Word from your Mouth & The Bullet Fired from the Gun cannot be withdrawn back.

It is just one of those days, the memories will fade as you will do more Adventerous things everyday.

We will pray for such a thing Never Happens again.


Christine said...

my goodness - I can't even imagine. You poor thing. Hopefully you will never see that golfer again.