Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Cool Mom!

Today I got a great compliment from my daughter..she said I was a cool mom!! Whoa!! I found myself wondering what it was that she was trying to buy?? HA!! When I get compliments of this sort, there is usually something that she wants at the store!! So, I gave it a few minutes, and then the question was.."when do you get paid?" HA!! Who didn't know that??? It is amazing that she knows my paydays better than I do, and it is also strange that her allowance has been going into her piggy bank. So, I gave in and asked her what it was that she wanted to buy..this time I got a real creative story.."Mom, I need these pens for school, they are really cool and have faces and hair on them..all of the kids have them, and I only have 16 of them..I need 4 more for my collection!" So, this is where the allowance has been going!! The pens cost almost $4 at Staples!! Wow, who knew that a child needed 20 pens for school?! So, I did what most moms do, and I went on Ebay! Here is a picture of the pens that my daughter wants to collect..they are strange looking, but apparently the new wave!! So, I told her that maybe the Easter Bunny could find them..her next comment was scary..she then told me that she had found the pens on Ebay and they were really cheap!!! So, now I have to worry about my daughter bidding on Ebay!! What is next, her won paypal account???? Kids are so smart these days! Computer savvy..she knows more about technology than I ever will, and now she is using it to her advantage to shop online!! I had her go down and get her piggy bank. I told her that if she wanted the pens, she had to save for them. To my surprise, she had enough money saved to get the pens, so I placed a bid, but lost the auction, so I guess I will have to loan her $6 for the pens at Staples. I will go ahead and give her an advance on her allowance for the month. You know, I really want to stay a "Cool Mom" for a few more days, at least until the pens come in!!!! After that, I am sure I will go back to being a "Nagger", as I am often called!! Oh well, you take what you can get, and hope that one day, she will remember how her mom sacrificed her Starbucks coffee, and her Aston Martin, so that she could be the "cool" kid in school! Now I finally see what my mom went thru when I was a kid..the only difference is that I had three other siblings, so it must have been harder for her to be a "cool mom"!! Although, I don't think I was ever deprived of what I wanted to have as a child because it was usually obtained by a hand- me -down from my Cool sister!!
My mom is still a cool mom. Just last week I was complaining (joking) to mom that I never get anything now that I have a child..ha! My mom had just mailed my daughter a package..she does this because she buys each little kid a gift on the other's birthday, and since it was my great niece's birthday, they all got gifts!! Spoiled Brats!!! Two days later, I received a package..two pieces of gum and a $10 Walmart card from my mom..ha! It was a great feeling to be able to chew that gum in front of my daughter and say.."hey look at me, my mom still loves me as much as she loves you, I got gum and a Walmart card!" Now, who's the spoiled brat?? The gum thing is a funny story! Mom has always sent T gum in all of her cards since she was little. A few years ago, mom mailed a card to t when she was sick and forgot the gum!! T screamed and cried for an hour!! I called mom and we were laughing so hard, and mom said she would never forget the gum again in T's card!! Now, T smells every card before opening to make sure her Nanny has remembered to add gum to the card!! For some reason, this is something special to her! When I look back, my dad did the same thing for T with Lucky Charms! I would not buy the box cereal because of the price..the bag is cheaper, so T acted up in the grocery store one day, and my sister told dad. The next week, T got a big box of "boxed" Lucky Charms, and each time we went for a visit, he would have two boxes waiting for her!!! He died a few years ago, and we still have those boxes of cereal..T will not get rid of them. Can you say spoiled brat..thanks to the parent's!! I guess the grand kids always come first in the end! Maybe it is their revenge for what we put them thru in our childhood!! Who knows? But, at least we all know we are loved!! Our parent's are cooler now that we are older..I did learn that as an adult!!! All I can hope for is that my daughter learns the same lesson!!! And maybe one day, she will grace me with some gradkids of my own so I can be the "cool" one again!!!!!!!!!

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