Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday's News!

Today is another gorgeous day..the sun is shining and it is almost 70 degrees!! I have been reading for the past two days and trying to catch up on my books so I can get the new James Patterson book. His books are amazing, and I am finding it hard to put them down, thus I have been neglecting my household chores. Not that anyone has noticed, but I will have to do the laundry today..yuck! My husband also got us a new patio set yesterday! It looks great on the deck and it is exactly what I wanted!! I am waiting to do all my chores so that I can relax outside with my book!!!
I got some really good ideas yesterday for my flower issues and I think I am going to start doing some plants this week. T wants a vegetable garden, so her dad has promised that he will build her a box to put her seeds in ,if she keeps up her chores for a month. Apparently, he does not realize that she is the kind of kid that will make it happen, so I guess he had better get ready to go to Home Depot next month with his wallet in hand!! I think this is a good thing for her. We do have the water ban still for outdoor watering, so I guess she will have to get up very early in the am this summer to comply with the watering times. That should be interesting!! She is not a morning person, so I know who will end up taking care of her garden..oh well, it will be exciting to see what happens!
My aunt is coming up on Monday to visit. She will be passing thru on her way to a celebration, so T is looking forward to seeing her. I am also looking forward to seeing her, as I have missed seeing her when I have gone down to see my mom.
My Grandmother has not been doing well this week. Please keep her in your prayers. Her heart is getting weaker, and she is 97. I am praying that she will make it to 100! She is so special to us all!!

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