Monday, March 10, 2008

A Cement Pig

Today I received a call from a good friend. My friend told me that she was having marital problems and she began to tell about the problems in her life, and crying about the husband, and his problems with his ex wife, her step daughter's wedding plans, etc. She was distraught. Since I also married a man with baggage, I could relate. I was trying to make her feel better so I told her that I would buy her a pig. She started to laugh and asked me what I was talking about buying a pig. I told her how I dealt with my own husband's "ex" issues. I went to Lowe's and bought a cement pig. I named the pig after his ex wife, and placed the pig on my deck at my home. When I grow tired of listening to my husband rant about his problems with his ex, or his children from that marriage, or his burden of child support, etc. I send my husband out to tell the other words, she(his ex) is the pig, and he can kick the s*** out of the pig (I have a few times), or whatever he feels like doing, so that I don't have to get involved or listen to his rants. There have been times when I have talked to the pig, but that is another story for another day!! I don't know if I helped or not, but at least now my friend can laugh under her breath when she is at the step child's wedding, and she has to deal with his ex and all of her certainly works for me!
Because my husband dislikes his ex...when he started calling her a pig b(female dog) after heated arguments about the kids, etc, and I saw the pig at Lowe's, I knew I had to get the pig! It has been a great way to express our feelings without hurting any one's feelings, and the pig has also lightened the load on those days when she has attempted to make our life a living hell with her bad attitude. Not to mention the reactions (and laughs) of all of our friends when they have inquired as to why I have a large cement pig on my deck! I have introduced the pig to them!!!! It makes a great conversation piece!!! Thank goodness I am a resourceful person and I have found a way to deal with the stresses that come with ex baggage..!! Hey, it beats the alternative of living miserably and wasting precious time fighting over things that happened 20 years ago...I was never an issue with the break up, my friend actually married her husband after the ex ran off with another man?? Hello, life is too short!! Move on people!!!!

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