Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Rain!!

Today was a relaxing day. It rained on and off all day, but the kids were able to play on their scooters for about an hour. We went out to dinner, and found that our neighborhood diner had closed it's doors!! So, we ate Mexican food instead..what a bummer! There was no notice of our favorite steakhouse closing, only a note on the door! That was whacked!!! We were regular customers, and had no idea of the closing..oh well, I guess we will have to venture out more!! Other than that, the maid came for the month, so at least I will only have laundry to do this weekend!! Joy, Joy!!! Next week is half days for T..she has tests all week!! At least I won't have to pack lunches, etc..a nice break for me! She is a picky eater, so I have a very hard time planning her meals for school. She won't eat in the lunchroom!!
There was a tornado at the GA Dome tonight..60mph winds. No one was hurt, thank goodness! We actually had high winds and hail!! I had to leave the restaurant and come home to let Bear in..he was soaked and very upset with me!! I gave him some benedryl to calm him, but now my laundry room smells like wet dog!! Yuck!! So, at least he is quiet now. I actually had to hold him down and sit on him and hold his mouth open..I think I got more on me than he got in his mouth!! Silly dog!!

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