Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday is Senior Day At the Kroger!!!!

For all you ladies looking to find that perfect man, I have found a perfect way to meet wonderful males! I went to do my shopping this week at Kroger on a Wednesday, which is senior day! I found that there are lots of lonely men out there in the grocery store on Senior day! I was approached over 6 times in the store!! Men everywhere!! I got invites to lunch, dinner and a bookstore, all in one trip! I told my husband about the bank deposit slip I got from one old geezer! I must look trustworthy! HA!! One man actually gave me his phone number and address on a bank deposit return, I gave him a lecture on security, and identity theft!! My husband said I looked matronly, so that is why I got approached so many times! I told him I thought it was my bubbly personality!! And furthermore, I was thinking of trading him in on an older model!! Anyways, I completed my shopping in 2 and a half hours, and had a blast listening to the older men tell about their aliments and life stories! For a good time, visit the Kroger on senior day!!! It sure makes the day go by faster, and I had a blast giving out my mom, and aunt's phone numbers to all that asked for my number!! HA!!!!!!! Maybe I will be a matchmaker for the elderly!!! My next career!!!

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