Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Notes

Today is another beautiful day here, although a little windy! T has a swim party this afternoon for her friend , so I guess I will have to stick around the party for awhile because her dad is so overprotective, he refuses to let her go to the party unless I am there. I think this is silly because there will be lifeguards on duty, and so I gave him a lecture on letting go. There are times when a parent has to trust their child and the values, safety tips, etc. that they have been taught to that child over the years. T has been to several swim parties and she has been fine. She understands that there is always danger and that pushing, running, diving , etc, is a no no. I think she should be allowed to be a child, and not treated like an I wrong? I don't think so. I think at this age that a parent on premises is not only unnecessary, but also an embarassement to is a party where the parents of the girl are there, and two lifeguards!! I think that is enough, and she has had years of swimming lessons, so I know she is a good swimmer. Oh well, I will get off the high horse and just agree to disagree.
Other than that, we found a really nice Mexican resturant last night and had dinner was very good, and not stamped out food as you sometimes find out there. The flan was so good..I was too stuffed to eat it after dinner, so I had it today..a nice treat even cold! I usually don't care for Mexican food, but this was a nice surprise and I think we will go back.

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