Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my 43rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I should thank my parents for bringing me into this world. I inherited so many traits from them that have made me what I am today. I inherited my father's brown eyes, his temper, and his ability to work hard , and also his ability to get even when wronged (he taught me well since I was the youngest of four children..hence my mean streak). I inherited my smile and looks from my mother, and also my caring attitude and strong will to survive. She always told me that I could do whatever I put my mind to do..she made me strong. Both of my parents were supportive of me thoughout my life. My mom showed me unconditional love, and my dad was more of a stand offish type, strict, hard to read at times,but he also showed me how to love in many ways, or at least in the only way that he knew. My birthday is somewhat of a sad occassion because my dad is no longer with me. It is like a piece of me is gone forever. However, I believe that it is true that there is a circle of the Elton John song goes. It is strange how the world goes on when you lose someone you love, and even though there is no replacement of that person in the circle, their lives are held forever in our hearts, and in our DNA..the circle gets larger with new family members..more birthdays, and that somehow bridges the gap that the others leave in our hearts when they pass. We never lose them forever, they are always there, just not on this earth. But when you lose a is like losing a piece of yourself..afterall, they created you! But, since you are a part of the parent's DNA, I guess that you will always have a part of them living in you..maybe that is why you feel such a loss when a parent dies?

Birthdays are always special to me.. I get lots of cards, calls, and usually have meals out ..full of family and friends, but somehow, I always manage to think about the real reason that I am here. Is that weird?? maybe so.. I am here because God decided to give my parents a special gift when I was born.. he gave them a new life...shouldn't my parents be the ones that I think of on this day? After all, I would not be here if it weren't for them??? Maybe we should change the birthday concept and reverse the day to give the parents a day to celebrate our birth/life? How can I ever repay them for such an enormous gift? If anyone has ever experienced childbirth, then you know that it is the most precious thing in the world..God's gift. It is a true miracle when you see that child that has grown inside of you for nine long months come to life. When a child is born, you lose all sense of your being and it literally takes your breath away, the child is a part of you, and it becomes a part of your circle of life. The circle goes around and around , they grow up, have their own kids, if we are lucky, and the circle never ends as long as there are birthdays! So, today is my birthday, the day my parents gave me life, so I am thankful for my parents and for what they have given me life, my birthday! I am here because of them, and I will honor them today, and accept the real gift that I have been given, my life. In my eyes, there is no bigger gift ..I thank God that he created my life and gave me my parents. Whether dead or alive, they are always a part of me, they shaped my life and make me who I am, and they will always be the reason for who I become..they are my DNA!

And to celebrate my birthday today, I have lunch plans with a good friend, Kathleen. I got a beautiful emerald and diamond heart shaped necklace from my loving husband and daughter, and I have gotten a ton of cards from my family and friends, gifts, and a lot of calls! I am going to see my sister because she lives close to me, and so this is a great day! I know it will be special because I have so much to be thankful for today! I guess I will always miss my dad, but I know he is here always living inside of me and I am glad that I still have my mom! So, my three thankfuls for today are 1. that I was born 2. that I have such a loving family and good friends, and 3.that my circle of life is definately the wheel of fortune as the song goes..and the circle goes least for another year!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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