Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today we went shopping for a gift for Alyssa and did some errands, and are going to Alyssa's party this afternoon. It is a beautiful day, in the 60's again!! I am getting Spring fever! Although, the pollen is also here already, according to the news, so I guess we all will be suffering even more when Spring comes here officially! I have been sneezing all day! T is out of school for winter break on Monday and Tuesday, so I hope to do some fun things with her, and my great nieces. T got her progress report yesterday and while I am not overjoyed with her mid term grades, at least she is passing everything! My daughter is not one that studies as she should, so I know that she is capable of making all A's! I had a long talk with her and took away her tv, and other activites ,and put her on a study schedule until I see an improvement. Her teachers have not complained, but I know her capabilities best, and feel that she is not where she can be in her work. I think that her extra activities have been interferring, so now all she has is band and chrous, so I think that will help! She has finished up for the season with her cross country and her cheerleading, so maybe we can all get a rest! She is very well rounded and smart but she would rather draw or watch Hannah Montana, than do her homework and study, so I think a tv break will help us all! I am open to suggestions if anyone else has a plan that works!

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