Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kudos for T!!

Tonight T and I attended her cheerleading banquet. It was nice and a real eye opener to the talent that is at her school. It was also a banquet for the basketball teams and awards were passed out to all of the kids. I was very proud of my T, as always! I also noticed that the new buildings at her school were starting to shape up, and hopefully, the kids from her class will get to enjoy at least one year in the new buildings before middle school is over.
Other than that, my day was not that great. The rain is here tonight and Bear is howling again, so I guess I will be up most of the night. But instead of being negative, I am going to post my three thankfuls for today..1.for my husband..even though I was very critical of him today, it is only because I love him and worry about him..even though he does not get it, and probably never will....2. for my daughter, whom I am very proud of and of her spirit that is very sweet and giving, and 3.for my nephew Christopher..Happy Birthday! I hope that tomorrow will be better for me and help me to be thankful for many more things that God has given me!
The reason for my bad day was because of a toothache with TMJ..I am talking pain that made me feel as if I were having a stroke..for 29 straight hours..pain that Tylenol w/codiene would not erase..are you feeling it yet??? I need to go to the dentist, but have put it off due to fear! Yes, I said fear! I hate to go to the dentist because I am a coward and extremely afraid of getting shots in the mouth, face, etc. It just feels too weird and I hate the smell and sound of the drill, and root canals..just forget it. But, I did make an appt. today for March 3rd..if I can wait that long and it doesn't look good for the wait because I can only take the sharp pain in my jaw for so long before I just give in and go..My dentist is great and very gentle..but he knows I hate to be in his chair. He actually finds it very amusing and usually makes fun of me! I tell him that there are only a few things in life that scare me..dentist, snakes and rats. So the last time we were there with T, he gave her a plastic snake!! Go figure? I guess the next visit she has..well, he will probably give her a rat from the toy room!
So, if I fail to post for a few days, it will not be a good sign..hoping for better days~

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