Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, 2/19/08

Today was an ok day. T and I got up early and went to BJ's to get a few things we needed for the house. Afterwards, she had a friend over for the afternoon. They had a great time and I took them to Bruster's for ice cream. While her guest was here, the wind blew over the patio table and it's top shattered into a million pieces, so I spent most of the afternoon removing the glass from the deck...fun, fun! It was really windy today! A lot of small planes were blown from the run ways, so I guess I should be thankful that the damage was only a patio table!! Bear was on the deck when the table was shattered, but thankfully, he did not get hurt. In retaliation for my leaving him there to be blown away, he chewed up his bed and blanket!! So, he spent the entire night on his chain in the garage, he is not a happy camper!! I guess I should have been a little more understanding of his traumatic event, but since I had just gotten the bed for him, I was not very happy with him!! Now, he looks away when I speak to him..what a brat dog!! Maybe a few nights on the cold concrete will teach him a lesson!!! I paid almost 30.00 for the bed, so it was not a small thing that he ruined it!! Not to mention, this is the 2nd one since Christmas that he has ruined!! The first bed was ruined because he had a problem when I left him at home with D for a night and day. He doesn't do well when he is left without t and I around..he won't eat, etc. until we return, and the last trip we made overnight, he destroyed his bed that he got for Christmas! I have yet to discover a remedy for this behavior. I treat him like one of my children, so I know that this is not the problem. He gets tons of attention and treats everyday, so this behavior is neurotic and senseless!! Total dog brat, spoiled rotten!! I love him so much that I cannot bring myself to disipline him. He looks at me with those sad eyes and I can't be mean! When T got the info that he was being punished, she got her Bible and read to him. He just sat still and listened. I guess she was doing her duty as a Christian to let her dog know that the bad things he did does have consequences! What a riot! She told him she was starting a club for him..somewhat similar to her school club called CDFJ(Christian Dogs For Jesus)..her's is called Christian Athletes For Christ? Where does this kid get her imagination??? After the little meeting, she gave him a treat and then he took a nap. I guess that maybe she can be the next dog whisperer?? Who knows, but she does have a way with her animals..even though I am the one to feed and care for them..go figure?? Maybe I should start a club for her called "Be Responsible for Your Own Damn Pets"!! I will have to run that one by her in the am..throw it in the conversation with our 3 thankfuls!! ? HA!! I will have to leave out the damn because then I will have to put a quarter in the curse jar..I cannot win with this child! Have a great day!!

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