Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday is Hump Day!

Today T went back to school. I have a lot of errands to run, and a doctor's appointment today! Other than that, I have laundry to do as I have put it off to spend my days with T. She was excited about going to school today, unusual for her! I was glad to have a few minutes to myself to drink my coffee in peace!
I got an invitation to play Bunco with a group of ladies from the church school on Friday night. I am looking forward to the outlet and hope that I get to go. I haven't had a night out since T was really small. I could use some adult conversation with a group of ladies that share the same hobbies. The game sounds fun, although I have no knowledge of how to play! I am sure that I can learn though, as I have a competitive side, at least I used too? Most of my adult friends live out of the area, so it will be nice to make new friends, and to have someone to do things with once and awhile!
Other than that, I am going out to search for a new table for the patio today. I have not yet decided what kind of table I would like to have, but I know it won't be a glass top again! I do not want a repeat of yesterday! I have two decks out back, so I need to do something before it gets warm so that I can enjoy being outside once I get the flowers planted. I like sitting outside and watching the birds, squirrels, and having a little quiet time! Especially when the weather is nice! It has been cold and windy here for the last couple of days. The temperature gauge says 59, but the wind is cold! It is supposed to be in the 60's today, so we will see!

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