Friday, February 22, 2008

FRIDAY, Finally!!!! Caution, Whine!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that today is Friday!!! I feel so bad today. I had to get up and take T to school at 7, and this flu thing is really getting to me!! To T's credit, she got herself up and got dressed without my help today. I was so dizzy when I managed to get up off the bed, and then the room started spinning! Not good! I pulled a sweatshirt over my PJ's and pulled my hair up in a ponytail and got into the car..freezing and sick, looking as if I was knocking on death's door!! I got half way out of the driveway and began coughing and my head felt like someone had taken a hammer to it! I said a prayer that T would be on time to her meeting so that I would not have to go into the school in my Pj's and slippers! I have often threatened her with this scenerio when she fails to get up on time! Today, it was not a threat, but I could have cared less if anyone saw me in my Pj's! I just felt that bad! She actually made it one of her thankfuls that no person would see me looking so hideious..After our three for the day, she was very sweet and said that she would have been glad to stay home with me..ha! How thoughtful of her???? I guess I should have asked D to take her in, but I did not want to burden him and make him late for work! Not a good move. I guess as a mother we all get used to operating in robot mode!! When T asked for my three thankfuls, I looked at her as if I could chew her head off, and she sweetly said.."never mind mommy, I can see that you are not in a thankful mood today!!", you think??? I then begin to laugh, which made me cough even more! Somehow, I did manage to tell her my three thankfuls..1.that I had her to wake me up, 2. that the doctor gave me codenie, and 3.that the car had a great heater that I ran full blast to and from the school, even though T looked as if she needed an a/c when she got to school, she never complained!
It has been pouring rain here for two days and that made the trip to school even harder to take today. I made it home ok, but now I am wet and cold, and I feel even worse!! My fever has spiked to 102...I often wonder how my poor mother ever managed to get four kids to school on time! Mother's should get a medal for the things they do..I used to think that a career was a challenge, but now I see that motherhood is the most important job in the world and it is certainly harder than any career that I have had in my past! Somehow we manage to do it all, even if we are not conscious at all times during the process! Now that I am safe and back at home, I am going back to bed until 3, and I hope that the three alarm clocks go off as set so that I am not late in picking the princess up!! Maybe I will actually put clothes on since I have to go into the carpool line!! After all, I would not want to embarass my child! I guess now I understand what sucking it up really means! HA!! No spell check today, so bear with me!! I didn't have the energy!!

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