Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was asked to add the reading level of my blog to a posting, so check this out

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TV Reviews

:TV'>">TV Reviews says you have to be a genius to read my blog??? HA! This is a joke, obviously!!! I know a middle schooler can understand my writing abilities, as I have proof with T!! HA!!!!! Anyways, I saw that on Good Company's website and decided to give it a try!! She should get a laugh out of it when she reads the critics!!

Today I went to the doctor and I have the flu with a sinus infection! Unreal. I just went in for my blood pressure meds and asked that they check my sinus condition, as I have had allergies this week! I knew I was feeling a little bad, but had no idea it was the flu!! Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in and I can recover really fast! I hate being sick and I also cannot afford to be sick because I have to take care of T!! Other than that, it is raining here and not a nice day. I am going to get my meds and after I pick T up, I am going to bed to see if that will help, and also to keep me from spreading the joy to T and D. I guess I will miss Bunco! I was really looking forward to going out tomorrow night and playing and having fun!! This sux!!


Christine said...

My mom always said you were a genuis - and had to be to get inside people's heads.

I enjoy your blog - maybe I'm not smart enough to understand it all though ;)

elizabeth said...

i'm so' sorry you are sick - get well soon -