Saturday, February 23, 2008


These are my bird's..Paulie and Gumdrop! The third picture is Bogie, our conure. Bogie was our first bird, and he died in 2003. Paulie is an Amazon Parrot, and Gumdrop is a patigonia. Paulie loves to talk and has developed an awesome vocabulary in the few years that we have had her..some words are not so nice since she has learned to mimic me,and she sometimes has potty mouth! Her favorite mimic is A**@*&%, which she calls out when my husband enters the room!! Gumdrop can only say a few things, such as "step up", "owwwwweeee", and "what you doing"..but we love him just the same!! He usually says 'Owwwweeeeeeee' after he bites you, how cute??? And he says"what you doing" when Bear comes into the laundry room? Maybe he thinks Bear is going to eat him for dinner..afterall, chicken is Bear's favorite food!! The funniest thing with the birds is when I put a chicken in the rotessiere to cook..both birds are silent and watch the bird going round and round! I usually use this technique when I am in need of some peace and quiet time!! It works everytime, and we always have a quiet dinner!!

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GaNNy said...

How Cute they are Pes sure change the course of Lives. I think I will send a Pet Cat for Taylor. She will keep company to Pauie & Gumdrop.

Wouldn't it be fun.