Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's All About Finishing!!!

This is a picture of T wearing her Cross Country medal at the banquet at her school..
I think running is one of the best ways to teach a child about discipline, competition, and teamwork. Not to mention, a valuable lesson about what it takes to win in life! It is not always about winning, it is always about finishing the race! Determination is the key here. My child is not a speed demon, but she never gives up, and she always finishes the race, even if she is the last person at the finish line. Who cares? We all just cheer louder!! I am always proud of her,and I am there to cheer her on. The Cross Country team at her school has won State for the past three years! Her coach, Kathleen is the best coach I have encountered in many years. She has a certain way of encouraging each runner to give their best..some are not the greatest runners, but she never lets them know means more to her that they finish and are part of the team. It's the attitude that they bring to the team that counts to her. She does not allow put downs, so each member of the team respects the other and this is something that you don't usually see in other schools. The team wins and loses as a team! Every child is special in her eyes! She is always there at the meets making sure that each runner finishes. When the last runner comes towards the finish line, the whole team runs out to escort them in to the finish line. It is a sight to behold and it always brings tears to every one's eyes when the last runner comes in to finish the race. The crowd roars, and the coach starts to cry...she cries and cries..ha! We all tease her, but she is such a inspiration to us all. She not only loves her runners, but she has taught them what it means to truly win, it is all about teamwork!! And it is all about the finish, the accomplishment..not the winning of the race! The lesson is a great one as it teaches a child about being held in respect as a team member and it also shows them that every accomplishment is important..quitters are losers, if you finish what you start, you are rewarded always. Whether it is a big trophy, or a certificate, or a kind word, it is all a part of a valuable lesson in accomplishment. My T has gained so much confidence from running. She always tries out for what she is interested in. She may not be the best at what she chooses, but she is usually the one that gives her all. I am proud of her that she doesn't give up when the going gets tough, she just gets going. She has learned to be passionate about so many things in her 11 years, and I am always amazed that she keeps going the distance. This year she wants to try soccer. I think that might be her game. She can kick like a mule!! She has the holes in her walls to prove it! I don't worry about her because I know she will not quit, she will always make it to the finish line, even if she doesn't win! That is all that matters to me! She never quits!!

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Anonymous said...


Isn't T Looking like a champ with the Medal on her. We are all very Proud of her.

Reminds me of my School days of Sports. Either I used to be sleeping at Home or used to finish last sometimes not even finish. I used to leave midway the 100 Meters Race. Haaaaaaaa!

Whether it used to be the spoon & Lime or search the coin, I never used to get off the starting line on Time. I guess I used to fall behind those Days to be found by someone Seven Seas Across & start on with a Long Term Family Bond.

Who knows I might have become a Sports star, if I would have finished first. But that would not have happnd because I was all those CHUBBY CHEEKS EXTRAA POUNDS, in school. I was the center of cheek pulling by all my Friends and Teachers @ school.

Well I guess the Determination is very essential. And on that Front T is just the best, we know that she WILL DO IT.