Friday, May 2, 2008

The Nightmare with AHS!!

If any of you have ever purchased a home warranty from AHS, beware!! On yesterday, the company really showed how lame they are when they sent two plumbers out to my house to check on the gas leak. The first plumber showed up and walked around the house with some sudsy water to put on my main pipes coming from the outside gas meter. He did not have a gas sniffer, nor did he do a pressure test, but insisted that he would have to cut thru my entire basement ceiling in order to look for the leak, and he also said he would have to remove the brick from my kitchen fireplace?? Hello, there is a ceiling in the basement under the kitchen and also a wall where the lines are in the laundry room behind the kitchen, and the gas flexible pipe is in the wall beside the fireplace running into the fireplace where the wood goes. This company quoted the price at 1900.00? I called AHS and told them that I was not about to let this guy cut up my house when he did not have the proper equipment to do the job, so they sent out for a second opinion. The second company was on time, walked thru the entire house, including the attic and checked for leaks with a solution similar to the first guy. This company sent a message to AHS that they did not smell the gas, and that he suggested they send in for a pressure line check and a sniffer. He also informed me that he did not see a problem since my house was well ventilated, so there was no chance of an explosion. So, I was back to square one!After getting no help, I called Atlanta Gas Light and told them the situation. They documented the issue and told me to call AHS and tell them that they were neglecting a gas leak and they should send someone out with the right equipment to check again. They had confirmed a leak. 6, yes that is a six, hours later at 6 pm, a plumber with the right equipment called and said he would be out in the morning at 9am. So, I was on the phone all day, back to square one, and not to mention I had to entertain two companies without the proper equipment and risk my house blowing up to get the right person after I threatened to expose their negligence, I finally got the right response! Is it too much to ask that a company that you pay your hard earned money to do what is right the first time instead of trying to get something done for nothing?????? I am irate at the situation that I am ready to bring a lawsuit for stupidity against them. This warranty is a joke!! I am waiting ever so patiently for the next company, I guess the next thing will be..we can't pay for it because it is pre-existing??? I am applauded at this company for it seems to be a scam and it offers a false sense of security!! So, beware! I have read alot of negative things, but I expect a gas leak to take priorty over a broken washing machine???

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