Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Days of Hell!!

Today I finally got my appointment with the oral surgeon for next Wednesday am..hooray!!!! And the truck finally passed inspection without work being done on it..long story, but in a nutshell, it had a problem with the computer and the gas cap, and the emissions guy was nice enough to tell me before test because the check engine light came I had to disconnect the negative side of the battery to reset the computer to make the check engine light go off, and then put oil around the gas cap, so that it was lubricated enough to seal it better, so that it would not produce fumes. After that, the check engine light went off, and the truck breezed thru the inspection, so now all four cars have legal tags..another hooray! Just as my day was getting better, D said he smelled gas fumes in the kitchen, so I made a call to Atlanta Gas Light. They arrived and said that the gas lines inside the house had a small leak.. because the meter continued to run when the meter was turned off..GREAT, so he turned off the gas until we could get a plumber in to see where the line was leaking! And wouldn't you know it, no plumber until tomorrow, even with an emergency! At this point, I am just about ready after all the repairs to strike a match and throw it into the house. I wish!!! HA!! Luckily, I have morals and a conscience!! My blood pressure went thru the roof, and then I remembered that I had a home warranty, so I called the plumber they gave me and he is supposed to be here in the am, so maybe the leak can be fixed. I am not very trustworthy of these AHS(home warranty) people after a leak in our upstairs bathroom, but for 55.00, I will let them see it and hopefully, it will just be a small leak in the fireplace or something. Pray people!! After we have already spent thousands on repairs since we moved in..we need a break here!! Another interesting story happened last week and got a remedy today. We paid in October to have our vents cleaned and new filters put in the furnace, etc. When we went in to do the six month check on the filters and clean them, there were no filters!! D freaked out and I told him that I thought the new house was awfully dusty since we moved in!! Duh??? His famous quote to me.."master of the obvious"!! ha!! I am feeling the blond hair today!! Anyways, after a call to the company and a few choice words of what I thought of the company and the idiots that work there, the owner came out and re did the work, and ordered me 2 better filters, in addition to the two I had already paid for and not received. He also told me that the guy had been fired?? Go figure. So, that is what I dealt with today!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that D was up all last night with his hernia, so I got no sleep and had a bad toothache and a horrible day!! I can only hope that nothing else happens tomorrow to make for another day from hell!! If so, just send the fire department over..I am smoking people and I have a few matches!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You have to wonder where the home inspectors head is when he told me he found nothing major!! I guess he had it in his ass!!! Let's count the issues..leak in the upstairs bathroom down three floors, a crack in the foundation in the basement office, repair to the drywall where D tore holes looking for the crack, new header boards for the deck, new boards for deck, and now a gas leak???? All in a six month period!! On the bright side, it is over an acre on the golf course..but enough is enough!!! Prozac take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christine said...

Wow! What a lot of stuff to deal with. Prayers from us, hope it all gets better.